All roads lead to Rome Elaine.

The copious evidence in this website, proving the extensively organised terrorist group or crime syndicate within our Australian State & Federal Governments, has made this website possible - the criminal actions of the female in the "undercoat pink" 1970s style shirt ELAINE SLOWMAN aka Lynette Mary Styles & her Government Terrorist Associates ... click #here to read about HOW they express their acts of TERRORISM targeting Janette expressly to PREVENT Janette from removing their illegal (1990s secretly inserted) IMPLANTS they put inside Janette's head next to her ear so they can"talk to Janette" with intent to psychologically manipulate her thoughts & memores wth obvious intent to attempt to make Janette believe she is Leanne Walters -at this link is what happened in ADELAIDE since Janette arrived in 2004 from NSW (where Janette was born) leadng up to the illegal cancellation of Janette's driving licence in April 2018, on the 40th anniversary of their decision to publish their book of lies BROTHERS IN ARMS where ELAINE swapped her visual ID as murdered child Leanne Walters, with the visual ID of JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS; then Elaine called herself Lynette so as to confuse herself with Janette who has an older sister named Lynette around same age as ELAINE; then Elaine relocated her residence to live next door to Janette's only brother (Alan in Bargo NSW) as her terrorist associates calling themselves “Peter & Rose” relocated their residence to live near Janette's other sister (Sharon in Cawdor NSW) and Janette (in The Oaks NSW); at this time Janette's older sister Lynette lived interstate in Victoria.
The terrorists inferred above were mostly employed NSW police, but not all of them obviously, they all had access to our private documents kept in Government record and had lawful influence on others in the private industries which they criminally abused and misused for their political purpose.
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Words of warning:


The PARTY FAITHFUL propaganda machine exists to spread lies & perverted half truths. If anyone has told anyone else that they “know Janette” that's bullshit.


Since about 1978 Janette has not “socialised” with any male person other than her now dead husband Mr William Robert Peters (born 05 November 1953, died 19-07-2008) and her now dead defacto Mr Owen Neil Hall (born 13 July 1964, dead 05-03-2010).


Janette has not socialised with any female person in the same period of time until I started an over 50s Meetup-up group circa 2015 that I disbanded a few months later due to police family infiltration by malicious grannies for the purpose of spreading false rumours about Janette. Its exactly what the PARTY FAITHFUL's propaganda machine do to minor groups to incite others to detest them so the Government can ride in on their white horse & rescue us from (fake) evil.


Janette is an INTJ personally, she doesn't need to socialise and really prefers not to as she doesn't like psychopaths, who are in the majority of the population.


Old bitches are just as bad as the young ones, perhaps worse as many people think old bitches are trustworthy, especially if they're employed by State Government.

Janette stopped talking to most of her family in 1988. Due to NSW police lies to the only family contact Janette maintained, Janette's only brother, stopped talking to her in about 1999 because he errantly believed (brainwashed) that Janette was a legal threat to him.


Janette has NEVER attacked anyone as the aggressor, she has only ever (child and adult) acted legally, in self defence.


This entire matter can be summed up as multiple actions of multiple persons pretending to be acting in official Government capacity, to attempt to pervert the course of justice and due administration of law, in and outside court rooms, all for a political cause: TERRORISM.


The political parties (Labor & Liberal) and their PARTY FAITHFUL supporters include non-members.


Janette has never given any facts in these matters to any news media outlet (TV or newspaper) because they all have refused outright to see any of this evidence; writing her off as a nut case.

INTJ's don't just think they're always right, they are.