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Australians in majority are just as dysfunctional as anywhere else on this pathetic planet, completely alien to the basic concept of humanity.  



Prof. Stanley Milgram Yale University 1960s obedience experiments.

Historically in

this context, 

"G" is for garbage.

What's the difference between Al-Qaeda & Australia's Governments support of the WALTERS FAMILY?

Al-Qaeda don't have active community majority support & Australian Government funding to enforce their psychopathically criminal, immoral, draconian & hateful belief systems on the rest of us.

Or do they?

The evil hate with more passion than the good possess for love.


The overwhelming evidence says that in 1984 when Labor party's Neville Wran was NSW Premier and Labor party's Robert (Bob) Hawke was Prime Minister the Labor party cooked up the fraud of the century, the fake murder of a fake female child on Fathers' Day 1984, along with what they also claim were six adult males from either the Bandidos or Comancheros motorcycle clubs, in “gunfight” to rival the fabled Hollywood 1957 film “Gunfight at OK Corral”. The gunfight happened within the Viking Tavern car park in Beaconsfield NSW, adjacent to Milperra. From the evidence it happened because of an outside influence. Put a flag on that.


I had nothing to do with bikers or the Government in 1984. Being the lowlife political scum they are, the Government won't let me access enough legal information to get it past the bulldogs manning the Rules of the Court that effectively defeat King John's promise in the Magna Carter point 13 "We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right". So we're no better off having a Government as opposed to only a monarch.


They called it “the Milperra massacre”. To identify the female child to the general public they used the face of a woman in her 40s known to me as Elaine Slowman with young adult daughters. 


I was 28 in 1984 with three primary school aged sons. I'm JANETTE (Jenny) GAIL FRANCIS (previously Mrs Peters 1975-1988 and Ms Hall 1988-2009).


Elaine SLOWMAN & myself both worked in the office at Visyboard in Scrivener Street Warwick Farm, near Liverpool NSW and backing om to the Liverpool public hospital. Its been suggested that Visyboard is where one of the motorcycle club members escaped to from the hospital, soon after the incident.


Of the SLOWMAN adult daughters, one worked at Visyboard in 1984 (alias LYNETTE MARY STYLES) SLOWMAN has Scotland Unwin Hyman family links they are the first publisher of the photo they stole from me in about 1988 to use as the substitute face for the fake murdered fake child they called the book “Brothers in Arms” obviously to secretly reflect ancient global Brotherhood of well healed Freemasons but to pass that off as the considerably younger motorcycle brotherhood, by adding the byline “inside story of two bikie gangs”. Putting a “spin” on it same as the political party's media advertised “spin doctors” their marketing teams such that one author was circa 2001 when employed by the party under NSW Police Minister Pickering, Sandra Harvey (aka Lynette Slowman) being the middle daughter of Elaine Slowman, aka Lynette Mary STYLES.


In 1989 when Liberal party's Nick Greiner was NSW Premier the Labor party inner sanctum decided to swap SLOWMAN's face for my face as the fake murdered child. By then they'd given SLOWMAN another fake identity, Lynette Mary Styles. Or was Elaine Slowman the fake identity, this I'm not sure of?


In 1984 a Labor party pair calling themselves Peter & Rose, befriended my same age sister living in Elderslie near Camden NSW. At that time I was also living in Elderslie near my sister. Peter & Rose are family related to Elaine SLOWMAN and have been following me wherever I've moved since 1984 following me in 1985 to my new real estate in The Oaks where I was when I was elected to my local council ten years later in 1995.

Evidently to undermine everything I do and assist the Labor party to spread false rumours about me. Meanwhile SLOWMAN as STYLES had been harassing the man she mistakenly thought was my brother in Bargo, she mistook his neighbour David Auchterlonie for my brother. This flaw in identification proves it was a small scale criminal operation not linked to the Government itself but most certainly involving the Labor party.


In 1995 when Labor party's Robert (Bob) Carr was NSW Premier (from April 1995 to August 2005) both SLOWMAN and myself were elected as Wollondilly Shire Councillors / Alderman in the September Council elections. What's the odds on that? I'd moved to the Wollondilly Shire ten years earlier but in 1984 SLOWMAN had been living in the State Liverpool area public housing (then) slum estate of Green Valley. When they changed SLOWMAN's identity to Lynette Mary STYLES they moved her into a country property opposite my only brother at Bargo, which was obviously intentional.


In April 1999, this band of politically motivated renegades ensured I was illegally expelled from my elected council position in what can only be described as a miniature coup d'état I was completely denied legal recognition. Same as they did when this band of political renegades secretly stole my real estate at The Oaks in 1991 and stole my Mazda 929 in 1998. At the same time STYLES faked events to ensure the “appearance” that she too was expelled from her council office. Later she wrote a book criminally defaming me with complete bullshit painting herself to be the victim so that it looked like it was her who had been illegally dismissed in April 1999, not me.


As an elected Councillor, I was subjected to many criminal assaults, one on my brain that resulted in brain damage, in fact its apparent brain damage was the intended result after I told my fellow elected councillors I intended to study a law degree at university after my elected term on Council. The brain damage has messed up my ability to read and write. However initially after that 1998 assault when I was an elected town councillor (Alderman) I was completely unable to speak or move.


This one's a scream; in 2005 as part of “the Sesquicentenary of RESPONSIBLE Government” reflect back on those last few words & try not to laugh; the Labor party Premier of NSW, either Labor party's Bob Car or Labor party's Morris Iemma, funded a project called the “Australian Womens' Register” to gather in one list all the names of all the women who had stood as candidates for election into State parliament. All who stood and despite that they never got in. In that list, surprise surprise was the name LYNETTE MARY STYLES, and is still published online. Proving one undeniable fact that as the “Premier” funded it not the Government. It was a “political” project. The premier is not elected by the people, they're elected by the Party.

This project established that the Australian Labor Party as a separate entity from Government, has historically funded public & private projects to cover up their participation in the Fathers' Day 1984 terrorist act involving the fake murder of a fake female child now known as Lynette Mary Styles, they allowed to stand as a candidate for State election, despite knowing STYLES is still a criminal at large.


As an end note and to establish the validity of what get published as “official government business on the internet. Before I started my websites, more than once I'd created a Wikipedia page under my own name as Jenny Hall Wollondilly Shire's Only Illegally Expelled Elected Councillor. Spilling the beans with the facts of this story as I knew them then. Only way anyone would have found the page would be if they'd Googled my name, right? Every time I created that Wikipedia page it was deleted a few days later. The reason given was that an elected Councillor isn't important enough to have a Wikipedia page. But apparently a failed candidate is important enough to receive perpetual political recognition from the Australian Labor Party. Obvious question, WHY?


In 2007 after I'd relocated to Adelaide, in the State of South Australia, I'd amassed enough evidence that The Labor party had terrorists in their midst in South Australia's State Parliament, apparently acting in concert with the NSW Branch of Labor Party, namely the then State Minister for Health an ex-Sydneysider, John David Hill. Unable to buy a lawyer due to being politically rendered homeless several times and now I was penniless too, so I launched my own civil law suit accusing Labor party of using their elected position to commit acts of terrorism. The Labor party responded by falsifying hundreds of documents they secreted from me until 2018. Documents in which they falsely claim prove I suddenly developed schizophrenia (in my 50s) in 2007 because I was “suing politicians”. I'd also discovered Health Minister Hill was publicly supporting Freemason Medical Research; and wonder if that's the banner under which they surgically raped me in the 1990s.


To this very day the current Liberal party insist those false records are fact. Once again, WHY?


I can answer that, because as an adult in my 20s in about 1982, I'd began campaigning against paedophile supporters in NSW police having witnessed many child sex crimes as a child inflicted by members of the Brotherhood of Freemason of which my Liberal party supporter male parent and Labor Party's Bob Hawke were secret members; the Australian branch of the global Brotherhood of Freemasons last century were traditionally stocked by Liberal party members or supporters, click-click-boom. Arseholes.

political espionage v political terrorism

Wooden puppets pretending to be real little boys; modern story of Pinocchio in auzzie politics.


On 26 May 2021 I emailed a large legal firm in Australia who used to be known as MIDDLETONS according to the Wiki, since 2013 their parent company is KLGATES in the United States of America. The individual I emailed is a lawyer who is boasted on the internet as the "best" Australia, Competition and Consumer Act lawyer. the below is the text I wrote in my email. My email address was created from an unlisted website and my details are not publicly linked to that website, moreover I didn't even use my real name in the email. I marked all these emails sent from this email address for reply confirmation and all my emails prior to and including this email were immediately confirmed as received, within seconds. However AFTER this email all subsequent email confirmations were delayed, initially they were delayed one day, now its much longer delay. Therefore logically the individual I sent the below email to caused an illegal action in breach of the Criminal Code Act 1995, The Criminal Code: major interruption with an electronic service, being an act of TERRORISM, amongst a number of other State & Federal crimes. Civilly it may be deemed an act of “conversion” under the Common Law of Tort where its an unacceptable, gross & unconscionable invasion of my (reasonable expectation) of privacy; as is my 1990s surgical rape in Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA. Tisk tisk Mr Ayman Guirguis or is it Gorgeous Guo? They may well also be behind the unlawful interference in the delivery of the three consecutive parcels I sent from the Seaford/Moana Post Office in May, June & July 2021 which is criminal breach of the postal Act; and evidently my ability to freely edit and publish my private website. True scumbags.

The Email

The Individual Lawyer on 26-05-2021 05:59 AM

Dear Sir,

RE: ACL Competition & Consumer Act (Cth) & conspiracy to defame with malice.

I have a matter that originated in part in Sydney NSW region and in part in Adelaide SA.

The matter involves two States Health departments; and federal government's Medicare scheme.

The matter also involves prior direct bias in State (civil) District and Supreme Courts.

The matter has very many actions in the case in Tort law, defamation, assault, battery, unlawful imprisonment, trespass to land, and a solid cause in privacy tort.

The assaults left the victim with mild brain damage, which means they can still function however their capacity to excel intellectually as they used to is significantly diminished, therefore loss of income potential is an action in the case, as well as loss of opportunity to sue in a timely manner.

The matter started with copyright infringements under Copyright Act (Cth) however this is in fact a minor part used to distract attention from the major matter. Recently they added another considerably more significant Copyright Act infringement.

The major matter involves unlawful cartel enforcement obstructing access to medical services and legal services to address the lack of medical services, so that the person targeted is prohibited from accessing their rights as per statute, in breach of Australian law and basic human rights.

The matter is also breach of irrevocable Australian Consumer Law guarantees in provision of services; and to a lesser degree goods linked to the Copyright infringement.

Section 18 misleading or deceptive conduct is applicable in many aspects, however the matters occurred in most cases with the obvious knowledge of directors of the corporations.

There is no power of medical attorney to consider.

There are political parties involved in the unlawful cartel.

Would this be in breach of your corporate policies?

This is a genuine case, I'm not a qualified lawyer winding you up, yes its huge with a public interest.

Thank you.

The Delay

You will read me comment on the fact that our Government's political party is not protected under the Federal Constitution. I'm sure there would be some debate amongst the ill-informed that my assertion is incorrect. So let me say this; Australia's Federation or State's Constitutions can never be interpreted as supporting any political party, despite that, any political party holds the balance of power in parliament. This is a legal impossibility on the grounds that it is possible, despite the probability it is possible that the political party holding the balance of power acts to harm the integrity of Government and therefore launches political attacks on Australian citizens for the benefit of that political party. The simple fact is constant and will never change that the Federal and State Constitutions are intended to protect the best interests of a Country and only a country, never a political party which will always hold the potential to become a terrorist organisation.


I ask myself, who am I? I recognise I'm not like the vast majority of people which is why I don't fit in socially. Everyone I've ever known sees I don't fit in, as do I. The only thing I can put my finger on is my emotions. I don't suffer what is the popular notion of 7 deadly sins of humans; anger, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sadness, sloth, vainglory. I admit I do feel sadness, but it doesn't overpower me. I knew I was unloved as a child, it didn't alter my perspective, my mental stability. If anything it made me mature before my time and become emotionally stable. However I think I was born with DNA that psychologically centers me, automatically. So I guess this makes me a mutant, or to put it scientifically, I'm evidence of immediate human evolution. Quite obviously if humans don't evolve away from at least “gluttony, greed, lust” which are also three common traits of a psychopath, our species will ultimately self destruct. Just as we've seen previously from ancient civilisations and their lost knowledge. I'm not alone, there are many more like me. We're about 3% of the population. We're the future if there is to be a future at all. I don't think I'm effing fantastic, I know I am. I look at how you treat each other & me and in comparison, I know I am considerably more “grand” than those who control our communities & our Governments. Your own actions prove you're a malicious arsehole capable of 'perpetual vendetta hate'. Or not, like me.


Far too many idiots walk this planet passing themselves off as intelligent life forms. (I said that)