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I wouldn't have to shame my family & myself by being forced into doing any of THIS – #IF – our country, Australia, had honest #police; & honourable #parliamentarians; & truthful #news media outlets; & unbiased #judicial system; & respectable #medical professionals; & lawful #political parties who actually comply with Australian  laws. If they'd not decided to implicate me in 1989 terrorist Rex John Walters family of Government would've gotten away with the WALTERS FAMILY  disgusting 1984 fake murder of a fake child.


Pick any human contact industry, you'll find it dominated by psychopaths from top down. Psychopathic people possess no capacity for genuine empathy, if they appear to show empathy its because they're also an excellent mimic. Psychopaths may as well be aliens from outer space as they've no capacity whatsoever for genuine human emotions. This is why I have pulsing communication implants inside me that the medical industry and the whole of government officially say don't exist under my threat of (illegal) imprisonment if I continue to insist they do exist. Despite that there is no authority to government to impregnate citizens with life-threatening internal surveillance devices without their consent and with no medical benefit to that host person, this is precisely what's been inside me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, from about 1990 to today in 2021 with no end in sight.

In my 500+ years ago family tree I'm one of hundreds or thousands, with the same linage but for some reason this makes some people with hate in their heart look upon me with detest simply because I'm a great plus granddaughter of perhaps the majority of the prior kings of England. I say stiff effing shit, they're my grandies, despite any evil they performed in their lives they contributed to my very existence so for that I'm eternally grateful & naturally very proud they're a small part of me. I'm a great plus granddaughter along many lines of ancestry, not merely one. My autosomal DNA says I'm 100% UK. Other DNA research sites say my DNA has multiple 95+% matches in tested burial sites across UK and Europe and include kings of Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as sites on Iceland. My ancient royal grandies span from Ireland to Russia and include James IV King of Scotland (whose portrait has him looking like Johnny Depp.) Through James IV paternal ancestry, and others, I'm a great plus granddaughter of almost all the Stewart kings of Scotland according to historians, a number of alleged High Kings of Ireland many of whom were from Norway and obviously the parents of their wives. Through multiple ancestry lineages I'm a great plus granddaughter of William The Conqueror and Alfred the Great King of Wessex (849–899) first king of England; and also as obviously the parents of their wives. I'm lucky enough to know my family tree. What pisses me off with the increase of DNA testing its become big business to be "allowed" to know who in ancient history you share DNA with, that should be free because its your birth-right.

I remind you of the obvious, we are no more and no less than the combination of our various ancestors. We, you and I and every drop of matter on planet Earth are a perfect example of recycling. We can't increase matter on planet Earth we can only change what we have into various forms using various means. All manufacturing is recycling. All procreation is recycling. Not all recycling is good for the planet. Because they're my favourite topics, déjà vu is perhaps in part the recycling of an ancestor's memory, however ancient it may be; and I can attest from proved and witnessed experience that I'm a seer and time exists in unison. Unfortunately being in my predictions is not what you'd want as I see death from the future memories of those who've witnessed an event. Very rarely I see left over memories from recent past. Its neither a voluntary nor remunerated trait so don't bother to ask me. Scientifically, I presume its associated with electricity from brain function and may be why I was illegally & secretly lobotomised and implanted with items in my head as seen in MRI by power driven mongrel government staff a number of times in 1990s Sydney AUSTRALIA who in their state of blind-greed failed to comprehend that my websites are aiding me in nutting out points of law for my grandest victory. “...smarter than the average bear.”

Australians in majority are just as dysfunctional as anywhere else on this pathetic planet, completely alien to the basic concept of humanity.  



Prof. Stanley Milgram Yale University 1960s obedience experiments.

When Australia's parliaments realised they had a criminal problem of political party terrorism their best decision was to fake blindness & call in the perverts.

I'm just another inhabitant of this planet lost in the long list of people with valid complaints about terrorist in their Government, the same government's who incidentally have spent billions on looking for life on other planets but don't have the “budget” to investigate their own sadistic acts of terrorism aimed at destroying Australian families by “Systematic Secret Separation” from Kings decree rights since Magna Carta s13, making Parliament worse than any King in history of humans. After decades of minding my own business and raising my children, generally keeping to myself because that's the way I like it, I discovered others in government had stolen my ID and brainwashed my family. Best of all I realised I could now prove what they've done, despite them. Freemasons, secretly behind every major atrocity in the modern era, for the greater good of the bank balances of high ranking members of both major political parties Liberal Party of AustraliaAustralian Labor Party where rabid greed and blind hate reigns supreme in the order of Party business.

Historians have recorded my family tree to include documented notes about alleged family who lived over 2000 years ago. Which means I have hundreds or thousands of great grandparents in my documented family tree. Naturally only DNA confirms a true link and not all your ancestors have passed on currently recognisable DNA to you, still you have the natural right to know who they have without payment, I refer to Magna Carter point 13 - "We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right". (These Kings are also my GGs) Which also means as our laws are founded on the Magna Carta, our Government have no established authority to make anyone pay court fees. Its like claiming you have the right to succession to the throne without having any relevant royals in your ancestry. I also have many German ancestors one of those has a name familiar to Australians since the 1980's big bins were introduced. King Otto I Holy Roman Empire. I've at least one high profile corrupt law enforcement paper shuffler in my pedigree, Sir Robert Vavasour High Sheriff of Lancashire who evidently only appointed because he was the father-in-law of Theobald Walter Baron of Amounderness and another High Sheriff.

Historically in

this context, 

"G" is for garbage.

What's the difference between Al-Qaeda & Australia's Governments support of the WALTERS FAMILY?

Al-Qaeda don't have active community majority support & Australian Government funding to enforce their psychopathically criminal, immoral, draconian & hateful belief systems on the rest of us.

Or do they?

VIDEOS above RIGHT: You'll HEAR this bitch, Georgina Ai Ching CHENG, twice admit in front these two uniformed police that she was unable to examine me so that's WHY they imprisoned me, in criminal breach of section 102 of Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) see this link. These six public officers are all in breach of this serious medical crime, two personnel each from State Ambulance, State Health, & State Police. I'd asked State to investigate serious political crimes.  This happened at State election time in 2014 - its now 2021 and I'm still fighting these gross injustices, NO LOCAL LAWYER will step up to represent me in court, evidently they're concerned their financial interests will be harmed if they do. Please lobby your elected member in State & Federal Australia parliament & demand the press publish these stories they help politically conceal from the greater public, making AUSTRALIA a secret COMMUNIST STATE. Yes the text is different fonts and sizes, intentionally. There's also most probably some spelling and grammar errors however, there's absolutely no errors in facts and the associated evidence unless I've inadvertently typed the wrong date for something which is the product of the associated criminally illegal brain surgery circa 1996/1997/1998 in Camden NSW AUSTRALIA public hospital perhaps, it was a hospital setting as I recall along with the faces of medical doctors (German) Fred Uehlin and (Indian) Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed, who were residential neighbours in Mt Hercules Road Razorback Picton in the Wollondilly Shire when I was surgically raped by them and others; the link proves Mohamed R Ahmed had falsified Medicare Australia claims at least three times - the 31 January 2014 claim was when CHENG & her feral mates had illegally imprisoned me so there was no way I was in NSW, It may be the fact that AHMED was in Adelaide in conspirator communication with CHENG & her feral mates. I was certain of in 2013 & 2014 as I was living in Adelaide then, but he most probably made other false claims when I lived in NSW because Medicare doesn't bother to tell you when a claim is made against your Medicare number. I only discovered as I had a bus accident claim for compensation. Medicare didn't respond to my information on these fraud crimes, probably as they would breach this criminal's privacy, my privacy means nothing to the Governments - evidenced by their own documents.


Is Elon Musk automatically designated a delusional schizophrenic because he talks about “his” brain implants? No he's not nor should I. The longer Liberal Party and Labor Party Government & medical industry refuse to acknowledge my (illegal) implants the more certain it is they are criminally implicated in human rights crimes and acts of terrorism with me as a illegal human implant human sacrifice for the economic benefit of brain-fuked Australians. Its a high probability (more likely than not) the three governments refuse to acknowledge their illegal 1990s brain implants in my head because they've breached my copyright on my brain's computations through the same illegal implants; evidenced in part by the new AU$3 billion brain research unit near me, in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA.

Local laws failed to protect me for past 63 years. Blind hate is what I've been subjected to. Hate from people keen to believe false rumour spread about me by people linked to the “club” of the persons whom I witnessed perpetrating heinous child sex crimes and murder. Blind hate was fuelled by payment of money or status to psychopaths in exchange for criminally assaulting me in this one sided vendetta. The tool they used were medical implements, they're no different to a hired gun only the harm they inflict causes a considerably slower death, but still a death in agony, the psychopaths pleasure.


Some internet sources claim an empath possesses extra sensitive feelings; that's wrong. Empathy is a normal human trait its not extra special, that's is what a psychopath would say to negate their own lack of empathy. Internet sources also claim psychopaths do feel empathy, which is like saying some H2O (water) is only a little wet or some cadavers are only a little dead. When we look at a burning fire we know its hot. When a psychopath see someone crying they know that person is in emotional turmoil, but they don't care. People can not care about others but if they see the other in crisis they will act to assist them, even if they don't particularly like them. Anyone can fake caring. I even fake caring about people I don't like by being nice to them when I'd much prefer to rip their throat out. Psychopaths don't react appropriately, they can only fake care. Like throwing empty bucket on a raging fire. Narcissism is just another label invented by the medical profession, dominated by psychopaths, intended to reduce the appearance of the majority being psychopaths; same as when government subtracts the numbers of people in study from total unemployed to reduce unemployment statistics.


Difference is a psychopath will hurt people intentionally. The emphasis is on "hurt intentionally", then they make excuses like, its my parents fault and all the rest. I have a DNA trait that predisposes me to blind-rage. If I can stop allowing my blind-rage to take control of me, so too can any man. Lack of self control is a choice, not a mental illness. Being secretly or otherwise illegally drugged or brainwashed through audio implants is a whole different kettle of psychopathic fish.


Blind hate manifests into frenzied actions sane person don't participate in, malicious false rumours, with base motive to falsely imprison by more lies under mental health laws; to illegally imprison sane people and forcibly drug them for a "political cause" anticipating they'll become too afraid to keep speaking out. Looking at the huge numbers of participants in these blind hate crimes, they're from multiple government departments and the private medical industry. The Government must answer the question. Whose the majority controlling government Prime Minister, empaths or psychopaths?

By the turn of this century I'd been politically attacked (acts of terrorism) physically and by reputation, for better part of 30 years so I attacked back (freedom of speech, lawful defence) in my websites. In automatically proving they were “political” (terrorism) my assailant's lawyers claimed my lawful responses as symptoms of (my) mental illness and their political attacks never happened. Despite multiplicity of evidence to contrary 2019 South Australia Supreme court Judge (Katrina Bochner) agreed with my assailants. So, whose in the majority empaths or psychopaths? This is a question the government need to answer. As Australian laws reflect the views of the majority of Australia then who is in the majority those who feel empathy for other humans or those who don't; psychopaths fake empathy. When humans unlock the secrets of DNA, they should also aim to eradicate the psychopathic gene combinations. We simply don't need people incapable of “feeling” empathy to be confident capable intelligent or fearless humans. I'm proof of that.  I'm Janette Gail Francis and I'm an empath.

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In the same year Australia's bipartisan Liberal-Labor Party leaders in Australia started their secret war against me secretly surgically mutilating me and my family (1989) China was publicly slaughtering their citizens in Tiananmen Square with bullets. China is publicly a one party communist nation. Australia is privately a one party communist nation. I'm still fighting that 1989 battle for my legal rights as an Australian citizen by birth, in Australia. Because  my Government allow lying terrorist scum like GEORGINA AI-CHIN CHENG and SARA LOUISE KENT immigrate to Australia, work in Australian Government & commit acts of terrorism against Australian's while they're funded completely by an Australian Government. Quite clearly its tip of the iceberg of Australia's Government funded human trafficking for international medical experiments, crimes syndicate. What other possible explanation could there be?


I've lived in Australia my entire life. I've committed NO crime but I've been outlawed. I've done nothing that could be considered immoral at any time in my 60+ life. I've never been fall down drunk and never been stoned (off my head on drugs voluntarily.)  * My plight is silenced & secreted by the obliging news media network but parliament knows all about me, they're the ones pulling the strings. I've been condemned to a life of enforced poverty with no legal recognition as an Australian in Australia, under State law, they insist my own birth certificate is NOT mine because it doesn't match the lies the bi-partisan Labor-Liberal political party have spun about me to conceal their 1980s political crimes. They spread false rumours about me. They refused me access to gainful employment since I was 33 (1989). They stole everything I had. They lobotomised me. They block my access to proper medical services. All without any lawful authority. When I asked the law Societies in Sydney NSW and Adelaide SA for assistance to sue them, the former told me in writing to 'drop dead' the latter told me 'you won't get what you want'. When “what I want” is access to my legal rights, nothing more, nothing less. In my country Australia literally NO person stands beside me. No "free Legal Advice" centre will assist me because "its political". Legal Aid won't represent "constitutional challenge" of oppressive or unjust Australian law or executive government decisions.  Where's the democracy in that?


* Never experienced even one day of depression or anxiety, even as a teenager, probably due to my personality type (INTJ) - various South Australia Government Public Officers & linked others in Adelaide, criminally & secretly fabricated a mental health record on me because I started suing politicians and others involved in these medical crimes in 2007, this I only discovered in a 2018 Freedom of Information response. There's a lot of analytical mumbo jumbo on Youtube about INTJs so let me say this, I don't care what anyone else thinks or feels on these issues, I won't be influenced either way. All I care about is the facts. Its the "facts" that are the truth in anything.  I did only want a boring mundane life, but now I've been thrown into it there's no way I'm leaving without perfectly exposing these scumbags in Australian Government favour. I do care about freeing us all from the clutches of greedy self-obsessed psychopaths some of whom are mentioned in this and my linked websites by name or social position. If you think I believe I'm anything or anyone other than who I am, then remember this, those thoughts, they're in your head no one elses. 


We know a Government Minister of Police are NOT allowed to instruct police to arrest citizens, as could be deemed, political cause terrorism. Under the Mental Health Act a physician MUST first examine a person before signing medical certificate to say they have a mental illness that needs to be urgently treated & that person needs to be forcibly imprisoned to force drug them - which they did to me for several months without lawful authority in Adelaide, in breach of multiple Australian laws including national anti-terrorism law, The Criminal Code.

Below image & 1st Video:

You will notice the State of South Australia, Government Public Officers (GPOs) had a "Scheduled Emergency" to enact their criminally fraudulent (false) order established the guilty act actus reas on 15 January - they cancelled as the HYPNOTIST had a day off “Georgina off sick”. That the department hadn't used a replacement psychiatrist, instead waiting until 22 January for CHENG establishes mens res their criminal intent.  Evidently these GPO's expected CHENG would be able to coerce me into agreeing to Cheng's doorstep proposal' using hypnosis.


Below 2nd & 3rd Videos: When they arrived at my doorstep I started audio recording the conversation on my mobile phone, its on another video in my Youtube channel, you can hear my radio in the background. Apparently an Asian and anti-Australian communist and Government Public Officer Ms CHENG recorded in Australian State record that I was playing a "foreign" language on my radio. It was the ENGLISH language.


2014-01-22 [English is a foreign language page 4] Australian Government record of Asian CHENG.pdf

The evil hate with more passion than the good possess for love.

One Government - Tiananmen Square Murders 1989.