Inappropriately historically labelled as Viking drug fuelled beserka trance.


I'm certain I'm not the only one on the planet who inherited the DNA trait of blind-rage. For me my conscious brain disconnects from my body if I let myself feel anger leaving me with no memory of assaulting the other, as my sister Sharon can attest once and once only circa 1972. I not only look sweet in my "sweet 16" photo, I was sweet.


Just before the change the emotional sensation I felt was betrayal. In my sister's defence, she's a psychopath. Don't get me wrong I know she can't help it. But what the government needs to do is recognise psychopathy is a crime when the psychopath refuses to control their negative responses. Its like a professional; boxer getting into a drunken brawl at a pub. Psychopathy needs to be identified at school. The children need to be taught how to control it. I control my blind-rage by avoidance. If I feel myself getting angry I'll either distance myself or if I can't I'll make a joke of it. I make every effort to always be happy so I won't get angry. Many psychopaths see my cheerfulness as a sign I'm an easy target. Like moths to a flame, I'm the flame.


The physical change was an automatic response to that emotional feeling. Physically I thought I felt something burst, however I've had nose bleeds and know what a blood vein feels like when it bursts, its not like that. Considering the brain is electrical with no nerve centres of itself what I physically felt must have been a short circuit. The death of a neuron perhaps, akin to the death of a star in outer space. After all our complete environment is electrical, the universal outer space and our own personal inner space. All electrical impulses of varying degrees.


Personally I wonder if blind-rage is linked to blood group and or true status of a seer (seeress or prophet) usually abused for profit by fakes pretending to “speak to the dead” or being “clairvoyant”. I'm a seer, involuntary and not for profit. In fact I won't tell anyone, only ever did when I was being brainwashed by NSW Government Public Officers. It got me in a lot of strife with grieving loved ones who were brainwashed to believe I could have stopped the deaths I saw. I'm not a God, I simply can't stop what's already happened. More likely than not I see via electrical currents around us. I can only see the future or past memories of others. I don't predict the future. I merely see what's already happened. Ergo, time in concurrent not consecutive as we believe it to be.


I used to tell my children I turn into the Hulk if I get angry, as a joke, but its real minus the colour and the size thing. If I can stop allowing my blind-rage to take control of me, so too can any man. Lack of self control is a choice, not a mental illness. Being secretly or otherwise illegally drugged or brainwashed through audio implants is a whole different kettle of psychopathic fish. Government psychopaths allowed me to be illegally drugged and kidnapped by others who were curious how strong I was when I was in a blind-rage. I can't control anger when I'm drugged. I've never been blind-drunk for that same reason.


I've never been a follower. I simply can't understand what goes on in the brain-rational process of the peiople in the Milgram Obedience experiments, or why people in Australia refuse to allow me exercise me legal right to have the implants identified, removed and the perpetrators held criminally accountable. Because there is no logic to it. The video (at right) best expresses what I suspect is the fatal flaw in their thought processing of the facts; simply put they're so gullible that they believe my torture is for a worthy ideology. In other words they have a mental illness that makes them believe harming others for profit is reasonable.


I suspect people obeyed authority in the Milgram experiments & Nazi Germany & current times for the same core reason, despite that the actual personal motives are vastly different. Essentially the sort of person likely to follow orders for any reason does so because they want to impress the person giving the orders. Harks back to being a good little (girl or boy) for the mother/father figure. Some people progress to make their own decisions while many prefer to be told what to do or have put themselves in a situation where of they don't do what they're told they'll be in serious strife. Either way if you can't or won't control it, its a mental illness or mental disease.


The Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 passed the Senate on 30 November 2016. The youtube video (at right) a Senate speech of Malcolm Roberts in support of the Bill, in essence defines the crisis of all Australian industries at the hands of political zealots, most expressly the industry that's harmed me most, the medical industry and brain research industry both of which are multi-billion dollar industries that attract psychopaths in the droves. Like blowies to paddock shit.


May 1972: My 16th birthday party at my house, 43 Darwin Road East Campbelltown NSW.

No boys, no booze

L to R: Cathy Willis, Janette Gail Francis (me), Sharon Love, Heather Mack, Deborah Soutar, Lorna Simms. Missing from our group are Liz Selsby (behind camera) and Debbie Fleming (not in attendance.)

blind-greed: Australian government's criminal political motive to keep me on their illegal brain rape and surveillance implant program  the terrorist act