Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.

compare the pair


Above: Tanya Plibersek & Michael Coutts-Trotter proving criminals do have control of Australia.


Bizarre thing about most people is that if you're in a car accident they'll flock to help, but if you're being tortured, they'll happily participate.


They pretend they care but have no humanity its only themselves they care about; and the Party.


1984 Michael Coutts-Trotter was caught smuggling half a kilogram of heroin into Australia.


About 2000 he married Labor Party's Tanya Plibersek MP (ex deputy leader) of the Australian Labor Party.


2007 he was appointed Director-General of the NSW Department of Education despite that a teacher with his criminal conviction for a serious drug offence would be unable to continue teaching and working with children.


2011 NSW Premier appointed him Director-General of Department of Finance and Services.


2013 he's head of Department of Family and Community Services & national fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia.


2019 Coutts-Trotter was announced as the new head of the (NSW) Department of Communities & Justice. Its like giving the fox a key to the hen house.


Almost 40 years later he's NSW Government Justice Department secretary the smug prick has his office in the same building he was caught smuggling the heroin when he was a mature teen.


I'm happy to start from when I was a teenager, I was raped when I was 15 it was organised by the daughter of a NSW cop she's never been charged.


Personally I can’t see any difference between the modus operandi of 1930s to 1945 German Government & Australia's Government since the 1950s when I was born.  German state police (Gestapo) did the unlawful inhumane bidding of the Nazi Party (Liberal & Labor) to harm their own citizens in their demented quest for ultimate control.


To prove I'm happy to defend a defamation challenge from the Coutts-Trotter Plibersek consortium let me say this: I feel confident 100% of the global psychologists not susceptible to untoward persuasion for a benefit, will agree that just because a person claims to have overcome one drug addiction doesn't automatically mean they've mastered the DNA trait that caused them to lean towards a life of moral decay and crime that had the potential to seriously harm or kill any other person. A reasonable person would never take a position in a public arena that may render their own children open to ridicule based on their own criminal activities and an honourable person already in Government would not privately associate with a convicted criminal, regardless of the crime; any person who has Tanya & Michael are not good role models and as such are neither suitable or qualify as worthy to represent any Australian Government in any capacity whatsoever. Additionally: any registered political party or party member who has endorsed or employed a person to participate in Government, knowing that person have or had a drug addiction or criminal record should be automatically disqualified as a political party or party member, that's what incorruptible people expect.


1989 Janette Gail Francis (Hall) has no criminal record, she was secretly identified by NSW Government as a murder victim in a paperback book that was published globally evidently because she reported child sex crimes to NSW police.


1990s public officers progressively criminally defamed Janette with a multiplicity of wild baseless rumours some in falsified Government records & systematically secretly surgically mutilated Janette even changing her face to look like the fake murder victim.


1999 she was illegally expelled from her elected position in Wollondilly Shire Council by Labor Party supporters.


2004 Janette was arrested and charged by Goulburn NSW police because she reported a police family to police for break & enter to her own residence.


2007 Janette was brutally criminally assaulted by plain clothes SA police because she told them off for participating in a drug deal, see insert photo of Janette's left arm and left leg showing the footprint bruise.


2014 illegally imprisoned on say so of Labor Party supporters in SA State Government; at the same time Wollondilly Shire Council for NSW State Government published another paperback to expressly criminally defame Janette again without ground.


2018 the State illegally cancelled Janette's driving licence because she asked SA police to investigate the NSW police crimes.


Almost 40 years later Janette hasn't been able to get a job & is refused medical services to remove the multiplicity of illegally implanted apparatus & unable to even get a lawyer to take up her civil suits against the SA & NSW State Governments and they've been targeting Janette's children with more of the same treatment they've given Janette for being a family of decent & honourable citizens.


All legal decisions to represent from Legal Aid funds are politically motivated. Legal Aid refuse to represent me when Legal Aid funds can be used for civil litigation.

Been numerous outrageous accusations thrown at me as fact, but most memorable was 2012 Christies Beach (SA) Medical Centre qualified practising doctor (physician)
Celia Emmaline Tildesley (TAS) informed me that I was medically "delusional" because I "believed" I am  Wollondilly Shire (NSW) ex Councillor Jenny Hall.


Then TILDESLEY  secretly referred me to a psychiatrist, refusing to refer me to an Ear Nose & Throat surgeon to remove the illegal (1990s) implants causing the infections.


When I complained to Christies Beach police about Tildesley, alleged police cuntstable Weatherill tried to have me imprisoned under Mental Health Act that was 17 July 2012, discovered that in State health records in 2018, been times where I felt like Sarah Connor 'Terminator" (movie) thing about that is I'm ancient Ireland DNA related to Connors. ROFL

Let me say from the start here that I "don't" smoke weed. I don't like the feeling of not being in control of myself, never have even as a teenager. That's me (left) when I was 39 years old, in the front wearing the white (Narellan NSW Rotary) Tshirt and these are my children; 4 sons 1 daughter all illegally brainwashed for the Governments perverted political goals. The gold version of my families brainwashing comes in my sister's internet published statement, "our father never tanned" he was an outdoor worker, I've not seen many tan as deep as my male parent, he tanned so deep it was impossible to read his (WWII Australian Air Force) forearm tattoo. Yes I was a member of Narellan Rotary in 1995 and a fellow Narellan Rotary member was Campbelltown NSW police superintendent Bob Gollan, there was never more than a dozen at the meetings. You can see from this photo that size really doesn't matter, the fact my head / brain is considerably smaller than most people, doesn't mean I'm not more intelligent than most, which is the fact of the matter. I could wear my 8 year old son's bicycle helmet & fit into a coat made for a two year old. I'm guessing that's why NSW Government ran with the (1989) fake story of me being 14 years old in 1984 & injected multiple all-of-body fillers in 1990s to make it look like I wasn't naturally "elfin" small.


In 2000 one of my adult children was charged for infringing fictitious section of the Drug Misuse & Trafficking Act NSW by country cop with typical bogan accent; went to court where country magistrate illegally acted with direct bias to support the fictitious charge, three times magistrate refused to acknowledge our Federal Constitution & fact no prima facie crime existed, she proceeded to convict & sentence him. Elsewise my son had lawful & legitimate excuse for his actions. The country District Appeal court staff failed to phone him for the telephone hearing 300 klm from where my son lives. Allegedly Legal Aid claim the Appeal on conviction "has no merit".


Best case law happens in Australian High Court.

Hint: Cannabis is a (vegetable) plant, not a "drug".


Fact: Most medicinal benefit from cannabis is from eating fresh leaves, benefits include alleviate insomnia and anti-inflammatory, wiping out two areas of income for the global multi billion dollar drug companies. But wait there’s more.


FACT: Only by heating cannabis is when THC is generated, THC is responsible for the "high" effects of cannabis. (source1)


Fact: Consuming raw cannabis does not cause the “high” feeling that one gets when smoking cannabis or consuming it via edibles. (I)t’s been reported that you lose 99% of the health benefits of the cannabis plant when you smoke or cook it. Studies have also shown that consuming raw cannabis has the potential to treat lupus, arthritis and neuro-degenerative diseases, help stimulate appetite and decrease nausea, prevent the spread of malignant prostate cancer cells, and prevent cell damage that can lead to serious illness and poor health. (source2


Fact: (fresh) Cannabis plant’s leaves are rich in properties such as antioxidants, polyphenols and antibiotics as well as cancer-reducing and anti-inflammatory compounds known as cannabidiols. These compounds are what makes raw weed a superfood. (source3)


2009 the same (pharmaceutical drug allergic) son was assaulted by State rail personnel without any lawful excuse, they caused him permanent spine injury when they forced him to his knees, the assault means he now had degenerate bones and multiple prosthetics in his shoulder. Police refused to take statement so no one was ever charged & no Victims of Crime payout & no civil court litigation. Exactly as Government have treated his mother. Difference is that my son is the virtual Poster Boy for Legalising Cannabis or would be if the news media took up his story. He inherited a severe allergy to drugs, which means he can't take government approved pain drugs - he must have cannabis. NSW police charged him for possession of "drugs" when he had medical cannabis, naturally they confiscated his cannabis that he needs for pain relief. The charge "possession of cannabis section 10(1)(a) DTMA"Did you know federal government demand persons smoke tobacco with government approved cannabis? No one is talking about that. He needs to be allowed the right to consume fresh leaf cannabis for pain relief, instead of smoking it. That threatens the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, some of whom donate funds the our Liberal Party & Labor Party. Got the picture?


Medical cannabis: is provided through over priced Government enforced "illegal" cartels. Prescriptions are restricted to  half the required dose for pain. Federal government give the approvals to one physician not to the patient so access to scripts are also an enforced "illegal" cartel. Government approved Cannabis dried leaf is rarely in stock at the dispensing chemist & must be smoked with tobacco, known to cause death from cancer. Government approved Cannabis oil is dispensed out of date with the blessing of State government in breach of State law. Cannabis oil is about 95% coconut oil & known to cause death from hardening of the arteries and numerous other health problems.


Legal Aid refused to represent my son in Local Court trial & refuse to represent him on appeal against the conviction. However, the same Legal Aid lawyer represented a bloke injecting a drug in public park he got a good behaviour bond & a woman in prison for multiple driving without a licence to try to get her off & another bolke who attacked someone with a baseball bat in a fit of driver rage. Orange NSW office of Legal Aid.


Research: Was Legal Aid granted to herion smuggler Michael Coutts-Trotter?



Interesting fact: "merit" is not a word that was included in Act that controls how Legal Aid is approved. Legal Aid Commission Act 1979 NSW. So, being the Miss Marple type I started my own investigation.

Not on chronological order: Contrary to my son's written instruction Legal Aid Orange had no lawful authority to buy into my son's case, they attended the Bathurst District Court last week representing my son, when my son was 300 klm away waiting for the Bathurst District Court to phone him for a email arranged telephone hearing, that never happened. Legal Aid in another town 300 klm away filed the actual appeal in District Court & the Legal Aid application. That person was once employed by "Coutts" all female lawyers at Narellan. The Registrar at Orange Local Court was once employed in the same town 300 klm away as a local court sheriff, was sent & sent very interesting emails about my son's Cowra hearing to the Orange Legal Aid lawyer. Without my son's authority Legal Aid Orange applied to Cowra Local Court for a transcript of my son's Local Court hearing in Cowra. Criminally inclined public officers refer to fake State criminal matters as "Police v" instead of "R v".  Moral to this story: Never upset a mother.


There is no due process or natural justice under NSW State enforcement of Australian law under the control of ex heroin addict convicted drug smuggler Mr Michael Coutts-Trotter, they're merely unconstitutional political decisions.



Political party members: stole my life & destroyed my children's lives to make their own pathetic existence better than they'd otherwise have been.


How many more families like mine ARE Australia's suppressed victims?


Its not a secret Tanya when hundreds of Government public officers are directly involved in covering up, these, your party's terrorist crimes with politically organised chaos..
German state police (Gestapo) did the unlawful inhumane bidding of the Nazi Party (Liberal & Labor) to harm their own citizens in their demented quest for ultimate control.

organised chaos

Above: Evidently the reputation of a family, a community & a country is far more important in Australia than the lives of the innocent members within those families, communities & country. Here's proof after 30 something years Janette is still fighting to be recognised as an Australian citizen with rights under Australian law when living in Australia.


I'm Janette Gail Francis. For those in denial the easiest tell of my medical mutilations is on my chin. A human chin doesn't migrate with gravity, only artificial fillers do that. They also filled my cheeks to make them fat mid line where they were attractively sunken, you can see the bulge in my cheek with my head slightly turned. Your cheeks sink when you get older they don't get fuller when you stay the same weight. The rape on my nose made tip collapse, interfering with my air intake. They kidnapped me to surgically rape me.


Labor party members were majority participants but Liberal party were in on it too. They (Government then & now) prove themselves to be barbarians because they refuse to admit I've been physically assaulted in any way, including the bruises seen below & refuse to go after my assailants & block my right to sue in civil court.


My illegal assaults by Government Public Officers in the southern Adelaide region of South Australia followed my 2004 exodus to Adelaide from New South Wales where I was born in 1956. Adelaide Party faithful wasted no time, they got right into assaulting me as soon as I arrived. This shit has been harming me and my children half my life and all the lives of some of my children, most of he lives of the rest of my children who have all been obviously "brainwashed" to (falsely) believe I'm the one at fault or that I had mistreated them as children, so they refuse to stand by me - DIVIDE & CONQUEROR is every Government's war policy.There I was a perfectly sane honourable, determined, respectable, honest law abiding mother & business woman member of the local Chamber of Commerce & introverted citizen & our criminally inclined Governments faced the problem of making others believe I was actually the opposite, a bikie whore who was a retard & associate of the Rebels Motorcycle Club. So the rumour mill & their marketing team of spin doctors worked overtime to criminally defame me by altering government records & still do.


Going by the rumours I heard & my scant fractured memories, they started by date rape drugging me, videoing me as they gang raped me & passing that around amongst the (naturally perverted) falsely claimed "pillars" of the community in business and government, usually men for obvious effect. I was told (by my retail store customers) they'd (Owen Hall & his local, NSW police, mates) uploaded it to the internet in 1990s on a website that carried my business name, Datamouse Computers, or Data Mouse. I offered a $10,000 reward in the local newspaper (1999) to which Owen's mother (a justice of the peace) proclaimed to all & sundry that by me offering the reward for being raped & videotaped, that I had embarrassed the Hall clan, impressive as her husband has about 15 siblings some of whom stole their family pub inheritance in Mudgee NSW from the younger ones. So my mother-in-law figured I was worse than her husband's older siblings - after her own son, Owen, did more of the same to my children & his own children. Its no wonder Owen then married another justice of the peace employed in the Campbelltown Legal Advice Centre who then proceeded to defame me to all and sundry. As his mother & wife (appropriately named Robyn) were almost the same age they got on like a house on fire. I became the wicked witch of the east in the brain-fuked land of Aus. Naturally thereafter I did my best to ensure they weren't getting anywhere near my children for fear they'd be into kiddyporn as well. For my stance in protecting my minor children from rape - I was arrested & sentenced in Federal Family Court where the judiciary (Lloyd Dengate Stacey Waddy Award for Mates) refused to hear my application for property settlement in 1999 attempts to get possession of my property from Owen Hall.


August-September 1997 after Owen refused to vacate my house I had been forced to move elsewhere, that turned out to be 1 Swaine Drive Wilton, where I had to buy $10 beds for children & an equally bargain priced lounge for me to sleep on, that's all the furniture we had. Labor Party aligned councillors at Wollondilly set out to attempt to publicly humiliate me by bringing motions to Council to advertise that I was living out of my electorate. I was illegally sacked from council in their underhanded deal with the devil in parliament my fellow elected Wollondilly Shire councillors & other party faithful made sure I was unable to get access to any child-minding services; by this time I'd stopped talking to my parents & sisters over our paedophile male parent (& Freemason) then my brother's wife suddenly started shunning me and siding with Owen. Interestingly my sister-in-law was best friends with Mohamed R Ahmed (Welling Dr Mount Annan) through the Bargo Pony Club. This Ahmed had been my GP, Owen's male parent's GP & was a hypnotherapist & had surgically raped me circa 1998 & is still illegally insetting himself into my life in Adelaide with criminally falsified claims to Medicare Australia, some 1500 kilometres from his registered place of business in NSW. Not sure who was brainwashed & who was promised subdivision approvals or something else from State Government in return for shunning me or physically attacking me.


When I moved from Wilton to Bowral my fellow Labor Party councillors conscripted their friends & family members there, whose combined efforts ended in the theft of my 1987 Mazda 929, I'd just had a brand new imported Mazda engine fitted elsewhere in 1997, in 1998 the Mazda mysteriously stopped working. Clearly it had been illegally fiddled with. I'm no mechanic. I took it to Bowral mechanic who refused to give it back claiming (without authority) he'd “repaired the engine” to the tune of $5,000 which I had to pay. State Fair Trading sided with the criminal mechanic who had no evidence to support his claims. I never got my Mazda back & wasn't “allowed” to sue any of these arsewipe terrorists, thanks to all the local lawyers. Naturally NSW State police sided with everyone but me. I was officially outlawed. The only thing I can see that started it was was that I reported a Camden NSW Freemason's child sex crimes to Camden NSW Freemason police on 24 April 1988, who refused to take my statement. Within a few months the Simpson & Harvey book was published (circa April 1989) by NSW Labor Party friends & Freemason police, with a photo of my adult face as the only photo of the only female murder victim on Fathers' Day 1984 & the gunfight between Bandidos, Comancheros & another or other as yet unidentified gunman/en.


I came to Adelaide after having been arrested by NSW police for complaining members of a police family had illegally broken into & ransacked my residence drilling out the locks when I was away & pretended to do so lawfully as department of housing staff which caused me over $1,000 in loss or damage. That followed my inability to get NSW State or Federal parliament to represent my interests, in the public interest, after I'd been identified as a murder victim, had my real property stolen and been illegally sacked form my democratically elected position in local council the State falsely label as another type of “government” by passing the statute named Local Government Act. All matters not one Australian TV news or newspaper company would publish, so by 2004 there was irrefutable evidence of this extensive (ASIO Act defined) political motivated crime, correctly titled TERRORISM under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) Schedule, The Criminal Code.




Community Protection Act 1994 NSW (CPA) provided:


5(1) for the making by the Supreme Court of New South Wales of an order that a person be detained in prison for a specified period, not exceeding six months, if the Court was satisfied:
(a) that the person was more likely than not to commit “a serious act of violence”; and
(b) that it was appropriate, for the protection of a particular person or particular persons or the community generally, that the person be held in custody.
A “serious act of violence” was defined in section 4 CPA, to mean an act of violence committed by one person against another, that had a real likelihood of causing the other person death or serious injury, or that involved sexual assault in the nature of certain offences under the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW).
An order might be made, whether or not the person was already in lawful custody as a detainee or otherwise.


Despite the CPA Janette was the only one imprisoned because she complained to politicians & others in authority that she was medically mutilated in the late 1990s when resident in NSW and acting in her capacity as an elected town councillor (alderman) evidently because the crimes were & are perpetrated by members or employees in the NSW Government who hold themselves, outside Australian law.

organised chaos

Sometines fate throws you some diamonds

to go with all those stones.



He's a teenage drug smuggler 

She's a teenage victim of statutory rape

arranged by the female child of a NSW cop.

who was never charged (no surprise there).

He became head of NSW (no) justice system.

She become a political target & routinely subjected to acts of terrorism funded by his rightly named "criminal" justice system.