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Equality Before the Law

I came across this rust bucket that may as well have been written on a stone tablet as opposed to an electronic one going by the shared mentality of the authors. Reflections of the christian bible perhaps. I'd suggest they believe their book of ... is of biblical quality, after all the bully boy parties elected by the people in the communities hoping to get something from the deal all act as if they believe they are God over the rest of us, "the vast majority".


This is the opening "about" part of this internet publication that's been updated 17 times since these self-appointed boffins started it in about 2006:


  • "The Equality before the Law Bench Book, or any Section of it, can be read in its entirety or dipped into as necessary — for example, when in court or during a break in court proceedings."


So what these Government Groupies are saying is that when a lawyer or judge has a matter before them involving someone they've categorised, (you & me would call it “discriminated against”) all they need to do is read extracts of this pre-written text so they know how to treat the person they choose to discriminate against in the face of the court where unlawful discrimination is legal.


I flipped through the pages when my eye was caught by the definitions of a woman before the court, because this is exactly what a State Judge from South Australia, in an Adelaide court since 2006 has said to me, almost verbatim when I was as a self-representing party.

  • “a woman may:
  • feel uncomfortable, resentful or offended by what occurs in court
  • feel that an injustice has occurred”


Then, as the "Bench Book" instructs, I was treated unfairly by the Judge according to Australian statute.


This “Bench Book” is, well read my comment in email, read the text and form your own opinions if you're not already brain dead or have already been transformed into a nodding-dog.

Click the "Gmail" image for the link to the online folder for the Government's Bible on Covert Discrimination

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