Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.


Other countries call trained medical monkeys “physicians” or “medicos” or “MD” for medical doctor. In Australia we call them simply “doctors” or “GP” for general physician or general practice. Naturally if you're in a situation and a person is pretending to be a trained medical monkey, say for instance they've kidnapped you and drugged you and are asking you very personal inappropriate questions and you say in your drugged and imprisoned state of mind, “Who are you?” If they have any doctorate at all they can honestly say, “I'm a doctor” and you seeing they have answered genuinely, you go ahead and answer their questions. As multiple of my terrorist kidnappers have done to me, dark haired short male and dirty blonde short female, presumably your wife Rex. Therefore, I prefer to call them physicians.


Don't get me wrong, I like trained monkey's just not as physicians. I'd prefer that monkeys were not "trained" and prefer that physicians used their own brain to think through problems, not someone else's.


Physicians are only human. They can be subjected to the same stupidities as most others. The same lack of knowledge about a certain subject based on their own misconstrued personal or cultural belief systems, susceptible to believing rumours from their fellow physicians because they admire or trust that person, just as susceptible to bribes and nepotism as you are.


I'll give you some examples from my lifetime as a young adult at the end of the 20th century. I turned 18 in 1975, the year I married. These examples are from 1976 & 1980s in Campbelltown NSW.


In my personal experience all my life from 1956 to 1980s was when the Freemasons controlled both the Government and every day life, not its the political Parties and The Party Faithful who do that, Labor and Liberal, and Freemason membership was the rule in the NSW Police Department, not the exception.


ONE 1976:

There were very few female physicians, I experienced one new physician who was female when she was relieving an older doctor on holidays or just about to retire. As I recall it was Patrick Street. I had my own teeth then. Local dentists had refused to fix my teeth and I had massive decay. I was in so much pain, there was no enamel on my teeth along my gums, the taste made me feel physical ill and I could barely think from the pain. She received a phone call that she took during my consultation. I showed her what was left of my extremely decayed lower teeth and asked for some pain relief. She gave me a prescription for a pill that I'd filled at the largest Chemist in Campbelltown then, my regular Chemist. I'd lived in Campbelltown since I was six (1962) they knew me and knew my family. The pharmacist cam to the counter after receiving my script to ask me what it was for, innocently I showed him my decayed teeth and told him I was in massive pain, I could hardly talk I was in so much pain. The script was very expensive, it cost around $20 which was a lot of money, my weeks wages was around $40. My husband had to borrow the money to pay for the script.

The previous was to help you understand how excessively suppressed women were in this time. I still experiences the same type of suppression from The Party Faithful in 2021.


Self reasoning that Asian physicians were less likely to be Freemasons, my regular physician was an Asian, located in the small shops near Leameah railway station, the other ones. Evidently he was on holidays as another younger Asian male seeing his patients in his place. I had been separated from my husband for a couple of years and went for a script for the contraceptive pill. Whether I was sexually active or whether I was still taking The Pill to regulate my menstrual cycle is irrelevant.


When I asked the substitute physician for a script for The Pill, he looked at the physical notes (no computers) made by my regular physician, he said the this effect, “You're not living with your husband and you want The Pill?” I replied in the affirmative. With that he laughed at me and refused to give me the script. I got up in disgust as he was still laughing I walked out the door there were about only female patients waiting and a female receptionist. I spoke in my loudest speaking voice, turned to the women waiting and said, “He just laughed at me when I asked him for the pill before he refused to give it to me.” When I turned to leave only one woman was left, she felt the need to tell me she wasn't there for The Pill.


Needless to say I only went back once to that medical practice to register my disgust to my regular physician after he returned from his holiday.



This one is very personal; but relevant due to the complete lack of understanding by physicians in relation to human psychology. Spirited this obvious incompetence they still insist they are the experts and we are the incompetent ones because we haven't been brainwashed by a state owned university to get a parchment to say we've been brainwashed to believe the State's political policy on medicine and mental health.


To press the point on that one: we have people we call “mediums” who are paid money for their services, one has a well known TV series made in USA where history says they did a lot of “witch” burning in the day. These “mediums” say they can hear the dead talking to them. However physicians on the other hand claim that if a person hears the voice of someone talking to them that are not visible in the room or hearing space, then that person hearing the “voices” is schizophrenic.


A label they have put on me in Adelaide, Australia with no clinical evidence and used that false label to cancel my driving licence in an overt move to continue my political suppression.

It turned out it was a script for a placebo. I only discovered that when I went back to the Chemist to complain the pain relief didn't work. By then someone else was there to answer my question as the Chemist refused to talk to me. A female who wasn't a Freemason told me. I got a refund and we purchased a bottle of Jim Beam as my pain relief. As it was the weekend we had to wait to see the female doctor again. When I confronted her she said, “They told me I had to.”


My upper teeth were decay free. My four front lower teeth were extracted in about 1968 when I was about 11 or 12 due to extreme and sudden decay. I has two more removed, next to the removed ones in about 1971 when I was about 14 or 15. The dentists refused to fill my teeth when the decays started. When I was about 10 or 11 I'd witnessed the rape of two boys my age and the murder of one, perpetrated by the entire Lodge group attendees at Allman Street Campbelltown Freemason Lodge, which my male parent was a member and present that evening. I was there because it was my mother's turn to cook them a meal after their monthly ritualistic rape. Thereafter my life has been controlled by Freemasons and then The Party Faithful after women were allowed to be Freemasons. Evidently there was a local politician amongst the rapists that evening in 1967.



Google says the White Australia policy was abolished in the 1960s but not in practice that is evidence of bullshit in history. People were still being refused entry based on their skin colour right up until the 1980s and the banks and building societies still refused women the right to withdraw money from their own bank account in their name only unless they had written consent of their male parent or husband or any other male with PARLIAMENT legal domination over (every) Australian female. Written consent meant that only a male could sign the withdrawal form for a female's bank account. You can imaging the outrage some of us felt whilst many other women were happy to be dominated. I was the former from when I was 16 and discovered that suppression law when I needed to get money from my bank account for train fare home from Sydney. I rode without paying fuming all the way home.


That draconian female suppression legislation wasn't repealed until a 1984. I know the year because I was running a Melbourne Cup sweep at my place of employment (Visyboard Warwick Farm) at the request of my immediate boss (Richard Rae) and had opened a savings account for that purpose. When I went to withdraw the funds and close the account the Campbelltown Credit Union refused me that right, telling me I needed the written permission of my husband. I was aware that Parliament had just repealed that law, so I made a scene, demanding to see the manager, who conceded that I was in the right.

Mind you I only moved to South Australia (Adelaide region) in 2004 after living in NSW since birth with only one year in Geelong Victoria, 1975 where I married my husband. When I embarked on private civil lawsuit against a number of politicians, the State health department secretly diagnosed me as “schizophrenic”. They also made the ambiguous and political statement that I was “delusional” for suing the politicians, one of whom was the head of the Health department. Say no more.



Mind you NSW Health department failed to diagnose me as “delusional” and schizophrenic”.despite that they knew I “hear voices” from entities that are not in the room.


One reason for that is the illegal ear implant in my left ear. Another reason before the Terrorist's implant in my ear is that I'm a “seer” I would never call myself a “medium” or take money for it. Additionally, as a “seer” its impossible to control what you see so “mediums” on call are bogus. The NSW Terrorists who impregnated my ear with the illegal implant, circa 1998, know 100% that I am a genuine “seer”. Why else would I have buckled up my seat belt in January 1977 when “told” by my “invisible friends” when seat belts were not law and in doing so my life was saved a minute or two later when a oversized semi-trailer shunted my HR Holden up the rear as I was stationary at a temporary stop sign at the end of the 100k zone after the Macarthur bridge?


As it turns out you can't change the future, I've tried to save others from their death. One mother became fixated on me with intense hate because I was unable to “make her believe” I'd seen her son's death. She blamed me for knowing. I suspect she was a party to my Real Estate theft at the Macarthur Credit Union in `1991. Hence the “witch” nose and chin they've forced on me with the illegal fillers in my face after Wollondilly Shire Council staff and The Party Faithful kidnapped me and drugged me (1997-1998) when I was undertaking my duties as an elected town councillor or Alderman.


Back to the physician. I went to my local physician, a different Asian, to complain that I was unable to feel anything when I was in a private experience with my husband. I was in my 20s in retrospect I was unhappy with my husband who had betrayed my trust in the many ways that alcoholics do and that was the reason I was feeling nothing. We needed couples counselling and my husbanded needed to go into rehab. Its right about here I say alcohol is a legal “drug” but cannabis is an illegal “herb” that's political. The physician's response was to check me over “physically”. That was the last time I went to him.

Yes all those bad physicians above were in Campbelltown NSW Australia 40 plus years ago. Ever heard of the 100 year war? According to the “people” at the Wiki “The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between the kingdoms of England and France during the Late Middle Ages, which lasted 116 years, 1337–1453.” Australia as you know was “invaded” by the very same England in about 1770.


As COVID-19 was becoming a pandemic I was involved in a challenge against the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in the Adelaide STATE Supreme Court of civil law. Adelaide Supreme Court is the highest State court with Federal jurisdiction. ACL is a federal law under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)


In 2019 a female Judge with a traditionally Jewish family name said from the judicial bench in the face of the court to the effect that, the female respondent, physician on a work visa in Australia from England and with English medical education and English Royal family name, “Had a right” to sign a falsified document as a “medical certificate” because an anonymous SAPOL State Government person had sent her a document that insisted the police department had “medically diagnosed” me as “schizophrenic delusional” that's how I lost my driving licence in 2018 and the State judiciary enforced that unconstitutional decision at the end of 2019. Well and truly in the 21st century and well and truly designated as “in this modern time”.


I still can't get me driving licence back in 2021 despite having no history of poor driving, but because I'm a target for political cause terrorism by The Party Faithful in Parliament, the Executive and in the Judiciary, because I witnessed rape and murder when I was 10 or 11.


2019 can't get much more relevant than that.

"Only logical hypothesis for AUsTRALia

Government's Labor & Liberal political PARTY & PHYSICIANS allied & unconstitutional refusal to allow me my legal right to remove their illegal implants is similar to why USA singer Brittany Spears manager-dad refuses to let her go; my serious harm is their income stream."

"Between them they manufactured the intended outcome" DPP in R v Harrap; R v Moyse [2021] SASCA 22


In 2019 when I was suing Seaford Meadows physician COLE & her medical practice (until they get it right) GPAXIS, there was no appropriate case law for me to refer to, the gods look after me always, they created one in 2020, thanks to this Bob the builder Harrap and his two misguided sex partners (the police officer & the lawyer daughter of another corrupt police officer) all from the devil's domain, Adelaide Australia.


Forget sharia law The Party Faithful decided they will always be "the" law that operates outside Australian law

"domination" is the name of their political game. Actions speak louder than words.


In 2013 The Party Faithful decided that my right to redress defamation gave rise to their “right” to punish me by imprisoning me under mental health statute, when that failed they decided they had the right to use Medicare Australia to defame me further and further “punish” me by removing my right to hold a driving licence without lawful excuse; a conspiracy to do an unlawful act. I had an Adelaide based (Labor Party Faithful) lawyer tell me (2021) that “we” have no “legal right” to hold a driving licence, he apparently also believes State Party Faithful have a right to take it from me without justification, because there is no “right” to hold a driving licence. That my friend is how the lunatics run the asylum better known as South Australia State Government. When you pass the test, that is your effing “legal right” to hold a licence.


In 2018 The Party Faithful decided that my right to report medical crime as terrorism to State police gave rise to their right to unlawfully conspire to pervert justice and defame me to enable the unlawful cancellation of my driving licence. Yes that shit happens in the devil's domain, probably every other day to other terrorist targets, not just me.

ultra vires
jurisdictional error or no power but they do it anyway because their criminal "mates" in government support their crimes, you scratch my back i'll scratch yours...
Conspiracy to attempt to obstruct
or pervert the course of justice
or due administration of the law.

Video above: Stopped at 3 seconds (0:03) you can see the effects of the permanent fillers in my face, my weight now is the heaviest I've been all my life. Until 2010 I was below 55kg or around the lower end of 8 stone, except when pregnant then it came off in the first month after birth. I always kept an eye on my weight so that I didn't get fat like my maternal grandmother. I put weight on intentionally in about 2010 as I felt like I was severely underweight, I felt malnourished always like I was about to faint, after menopause so it wasn't due to lack of iron. I suspect the illegal fillers have increased my weight as my immune system has added coating on them over the past 20 plus years. The Wollondilly Council & NSW State police mob who did this to me are political terrorists. The still photo (https://youtu.be/vH_cECy1crc) demonstrates how small my head really is compared to my own mother. Next to me my mum's head is huge. My primary school photos show me with a similar proportion head to everyone else. With my extra weight (2021) it looks like my head has been shrunken, out of proportion with the rest of me. I suggest my head is so small as my male parent caused me to have an illegal lobotomy when I was about 11 (1967) to make me "forget" I'd witnessed murder & rape of boys at the Campbelltown Masonic Lodge in Allman Street. impinging my natural growth from that brain damage. I couldn't stop shivering for days (after) mother said it was male parent's fault. Physician had me on kelp vitamins for my brain, so there's no prizes for guessing what they did to me. This was the era when the USA president did it to his daughter, Rosemary Kennedy. Yes men ARE arseholes, those in politics are the biggest ones of all. In Wollondilly Shire NSW those arseholes had me criminally lobotomised t

wice in 1997 & 1998 when I was an elected member of the Wollondilly Council, after the first my eyes were blood red - before the second I was kidnapped from Camden Council Chamber, after the second I could not talk at all, the long-term means I say opposite meaning or reverse words. eg: up for down. but not always as obvious.


Those in "the devil's domain" who believe I'm a retard are OBVIOUSLY accessories to this dual Labor-Liberal political crime. Not affected my intellect, just my speech and reading what I've written. Yes I was CRIMINALLY harmed like Rosemary Kennedy, but nowhere near as severe.


1995-1999 Wollondilly Shire Council & MACROC (WSC, Camden & Campbelltown council's joint committee) members - they're ALL GUILTY.