Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.

Section 11.5 CONSPIRACY (means)

A person who conspires with another person to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment for more than 12 months, or by a fine of 200 penalty units or more, is guilty of the offence of conspiracy to commit that offence

Section 100.1 Definitions - TERRORIST act means;

an action or threat of action where: (a) the action ...causes serious harm that is physical harm to a person; or causes serious damage to property; or causes a person’s death; or endangers a person’s life, other than the life of the person taking the action; or creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public … and

(b) the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause; and

(c) the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of:

(i) coercing, or influencing by intimidation, the government of the Commonwealth or a State, Territory or foreign country, or of part of a State, Territory or foreign country; or

(ii) intimidating the public or a section of the public.

Section  101.1  Terrorist acts
(1) A person commits an offence if the person engages in a terrorist act.
Penalty: Imprisonment for life.


The Criminal Code Schedule, of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) Australia where there is no separation between the definition of domestic terrorism or international terrorism, in this respect there is only one terrorism same as there is only one Australian law.




The real war on (Australian government organised)
terrorism continues. & its something else our Australia's
Labor Party & Liberal Party politicians don't want you to know.

Terrorist's SURGERY: When I was about six months pregnant, May 1991, as I distinctly recall going to bed in my own house with no hole behind my ear and waking up the next morning in my own bed with a hole behind my left ear that had been closed with "Superglue" I checked all my children, we all had the same hole, my partner didn't because he wasn't asleep at our house, he worked night / afternoon shift in the coal mines where his house / car keys were stored above ground as he was below ground. Within the same month period the same thing happened, woke in my own bed to find thick black surgical stitches in the crease of my arse above my tailbone. I went to my local GP physician German immigrant Fred Uehlin, he told me something like "its nothing to do with me" and refused to medical investigate who surgically raped me indicating he was a party to that terrorist crime.


Terrorist's IMPRISONMENT: Circa 1996 I distinctly recall waking in the Wollondilly Shire Council environment and being incapable of movement but able to hear and see, I recall at least two women and multiple males involved all laughing at me as they physically tortured me. The cunts attempted to convince me they were “aliens from outer space” using their drugs and brainwashing techniques. I'm an INTJ logic deducer so long-term brainwashing doesn't work on me.


Terrorist's FACE FILLERS: Circa 1997 I went to bed in my own house at 1 Swaine Dr, Wilton NSW and woke in my own bed to find my face was covered with red needle injection marks what looked like almost 100 covering the lower half of my face below my eyes.


Terrorist's FACE FILLERS: Circa 1997 I went to bed in my own house at Burradoo NSW and woke in my own bed to find my chin had been drilled leaving two large holes the diameter of the inner ink tube of a standard biro / ball point pen. The wounds were sealed with “Superglue” and still weeping.


Terrorist's FACE FILLERS: Circa 1997 I went to bed in my own house at 5 Tulip Cl, Bowral NSW and woke in my own bed to find the two corners of my mouth had each been drilled leaving a large hole the diameter of the inner ink tube of a standard biro / ball point pen. The wounds were sealed with “Superglue” and still weeping.

Terrorist's KIDNAP: It occurred to me that I remembered many other times waking up during a council meeting but not recalling being tired enough to fall asleep. Later Council staff at Wollondilly WORKS department and Clr Michael Banasik joked "at" me saying "you woke during a surgery" to which I responded, "I've never had surgery" (legally) they all laughed, they were all in on it. I recalled one of them had stood at my car door stopping me from exiting as a male in the back seat drugged me at gunpoint, I'd just got into my car parked out back of Wollondilly Shire Council, circa 1997. Despite trying to remember the WORKS staff name I have been unable to, evidently I'd been brain-washed not to. Because this young male assisted in my kidnap, Council Works Manager Les McMahon had that male indoor WORKS staff member transferred to another Council, I didn't know where. They choose not to go to police because they were all in on the terrorist attacks on me. The Gods (Karma or whatever) always look after me. Being mostly ancient Norwegian & Viking (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) I have to say "the Gods". When I was in Newcastle NSW on 10 January 2001, I joined a Commonwealth Bank queue in front of me was the male WSC indoor WORKS staff who stood at my car door to allow his fellow LABOR PARTY terrorist to kidnap me at gunpoint. My presumption is that male was police detective (Peter Robert) Bob Bradbury. Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose ...


  • They stopped me from remembering their names so I associated them with songs. Peter Rabbit for Peter Robert BRADBURY, he was named in the SIMPSON HARVEY book to cover up for LYNETTE STYLES and he was my residential neighbour in The Oaks, he lived in 39 or 41 Mary Street, I lived in 39 William Street; as STYLES took up residence near my brother in Bargo and another group took up residence near my sister in Camden to brainwash my siblings & turn them against me. Divide & Conquer is they terrorist's war tactic.


Terrorist's BRAIN SURGERY: Circa 1998 India immigrant physician and hypnotist Mohamed Raz Ahmed and two other males at Camden Hospital were in the room surgically raping me, pushing something into the skin of my mostril, I saw them when I woke during that surgical rape procedure. I heard them discussing me waking deciding to continue anyway. The pain was massive. I'd been kidnapped from Camden Council Chamber before a scheduled Macarthur region meeting I was to chair, involving the three councils Camden, Campbelltown & Wollondilly. They all must have known I'd been kidnapped and all must have known I'd been drugged as I was incapable of speech other than massively incoherent slurs indicating they'd physically made contact with my brain speech centres.


Terrorist's IDENTITY: So with the evidence of the illegal fillers in my face and the other illegal implants seen in MRI radiology or CT scan, why is it no Australian police department choose to investigate this obvious organised TERRORIST group, and their terrorist acts inflicted on me in Australia? The only answer can be that the GOVERNMENT are the terrorist.

Political Party Organised Political TERRORIST assaults on Janette's Australian Family in Australia
Ask yourself, why did STYLES wait 14 years after we'd both left WSC to publish her book to criminally defame me &  despite having records to prove STYLES book a lie - why did WSC keep it in their library for NSW State public loan in 2014, soon after I'd been illegally politically imprisoned under Mental Health Act for "defaming others"?


Answer: they're ALL GUILTY

MY NERVE DAMAGE & illegal (active) implant activity inside me, as notes over various days as the implant harm is extensive its impossible to remember all of it all the time as its human nature to suppress the knowledge of pain in order to cope with it.

The nerve damage between my elbows & hands has been medically diagnosed with a Nerve Conduction Test but I can't get any physicians to remove the illegal implants in my arms that are causing nerve / muscle / vascular compression after I do any activity with my arms or hands, even light like typing or gardening. Its in my nature to be a hard worker I love making things with my hands, from standard female designated activities like crochet & macrame to carpentry and other classically male heavy duty tasks, I've prevented from doing the things I love doing for the past 20 something years because of the massive CUNTS from Wollondilly Shire Council & their terrorist mates. If I do do any og them I have to wait days between activities to allow the swelling and numbness in my hands to dissipate. My biggest fear is that they are able to literally see and hear everything I'm doing 24/7 through visual implants in my eyes or on my face or leaching on my brain.

24/7 I feel the sensation of barbed spikes all over me from head to toe but concentrated around my head and shoulders, front and back which must be the intense radio-waves impacting my skin as the travel to the internal implants.

Vibrations from an implant in my throat cause me to cough, evidently they can vary the throat vibration intensity. I'm forced to use throat numbing spray to reduce the associated swelling that ENT Hashita Pant evidently intentionally misdiagnosed in 2012 as dry throat or some other garbage.

2018 Seaford Meadows SA terrorist GP & British immigrant on a work visa, Alison Barbara Jane COLE informed me I was suffering "mental illness" because I told her if felt movement across my forehead. State used her say-so on my forehead movement to permanently cancel my driving licence.

Evidently the placement of the fillers in my face back and stomach increase the effect of the vibrations, however if I can maintain the placement of my hand on the most effected area (without my arm & hand going completely numb) that reduces the vibration in the fillers, as you'd expect with any liquid.

Stabbing sensation in upper spine adjacent to shoulder blades & over upper left shoulder blades, where AHMED put an electronic device in 1990s medical consultation, allegedly to "start up" or "enliven" his active implant - as evidenced in research on ACTIVE medical grade implants. Note that ACTIVE implants are used as a last resort because they pose significant threat of death from infection and rejection. I'm allergic to gold for ear piercings, so its probable they used gold in some internal implants. Gold as a pierced ear ring causes me to suffer constant low level infection and localised swelling, my ear remains infected until the gold ear-ring is removed. The terrorists knew this when they surgically raped me. I have constant swelling and low level infection in my left ear canal that Australian physicians refuse to treat including Adelaide ENT specialists Hashita Pant (believed related the AHMED) and Paul Varley, and Neville Minnis.

Piercing & burning sensation on tops of both hands mostly near middle finger and between pointer finger & thumb.


Experienced globally by the COVID drug - governments routinely illegally experiment of humans in secret.

Tapping sensations in posterior of upper arm believed to be a BION (bionic neuron, more recently also named "microstimulator" see image) is accompanied by localised scars from microwave impacts, same on lower arm near elbow in muscle where its believed the nerve damage is generated for hands, swelling extra heat and tapping in upper forearms near wrists.

One of my children dug an illegal BION out of their arm in 1997 / 1998 when we lived in Bowral & I was Clr Hall in Wollondilly Shire.

Both thumbs have been dislocated causing associated pain when I attempt to use my thumbs normally and nerve pain for a long time after using my thumbs and forget to accommodate the dislocation by extra use of my fingers instead of using my thumbs.

After I've been in Adelaide for long periods, more notable after I've had an MRI on my head, I feel really strong vibrations down my spine to my feet as if electricity is travelling through me looking for earth without the electricity, I literally feel my feet vibrating and mt body vibrating from my skull to the soles of my feet. I suspect its the increased level of electromagnet EMF energy radiated by all electrical motors and other devices using battery or electricity.

These people are complete criminal psychopaths.

The most active implants have associated scars on skin that include brown spots that look like AGE SPOTS & occur despite no exposure to the sun.

Pressure on right (face) cheek implant filler stops prodding and flickering sensation on outer edge of upper eyelid along eyelash line.

Movement in forehead under fillers across the brow-line, BOTH SIDES.

Lots of magnets over tailbone & clenching anus muscle stops vibration in tailbone, where cut & stitched over tailbone in bum crease when pregnant illegally drugged 1991.

Evidently the (torso / tailbone) vibration strength can be controlled by someone remotely, (for antenna / aerial considerations) has to be someone living near me in Seaford Rise SA unless they've hooked me up to the mobile phone network. Are RADIO-FREQUENCY ACTIVE medical implants hooked up to mobile phone network on different frequency? After I've published anything extra on my website or sent a (surgical rape) related emails the head and torso vibrations are increased dramatically, most noted when I'm sleeping, trying to sleep, or sitting still watching TV.

In winter the fillers make my skin surface feel ice cold as if I'm already dead, in summer adopting the ambient temperature the fillers heat up making me sweat abnormally, from fillers in my forehead and skull the sweat drips into my eyes.

Sporadic contractions of the sphincter in my throat when I'm eating or drinking, or else the freak whose monitoring the illegal implants inside me does it in his attempt to choke me as I often end up choking if I'm not conscious of sitting forward when I eat or drink. North Adelaide ENT Paul Varley called this abnormal contractions that choke me “normal” I suspect he meant normal for the type of illegal implant I have. This vibrating implant is in the centre of my throat behind that bone in larynx.

Extreme pain & total numbness in both wrists & hands due to implant in arm muscles near elbows after light activity, that requires extra use of arm muscles, associated pain in shoulders from associated muscle contractions, associated swelling in hands & all fingers. Suspect implants in upper forearm 1/3 near wrist.

Scraping pain over knees when using a bicycle due to multiple cable implants overt top of both kneecaps, associated pain when kneeling, same effect as if kneeling on anything small & solid, like a screw.

Pain under feet, heel & ball. The ball of my right foot usually burns when toes are notably cold. I suspect I have a multiplicity of BIONIC NEURONS injected all over me from head to toe and including my my outer ears which are painful to lay on pillow or even touch at times.

Pain over left hip started in 1991, I can feel a cable under the skin, appeared around the same time as the stitches over my tailbone in 1991 when pregnant, told Camden NSW GP Dr Fred Uehlin who called me a prostitute in response.

Piercing pain in head from implants on crown, near forehead and from crown to left ear.

Left side of face & neck vibrates from associated implant as seen in MRI.

Neck lots of pain all the time, grinds when turn neck, radiology shows spine joints twisted, probable evidence that someone has previously attempted to break my neck to murder me or its scewed because they put a BION in there like the below image..

EXTENSIVE POLITICAL TERRORIST HARM to JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS an innocent Australian citizen whose lived in Australia all her life with no time overseas whatsoever.


Protected Government Public Officers & registered physicians are the Terrorists

BION or Micro-stimulator its a Terrorist Government, Permanent Torture Device as first use.
BION or Micro-stimulator its a Terrorist Government, Permanent Torture Device as first use.
BION or Micro-stimulator its a Terrorist Government, Permanent Torture Device as first use.
BION or Micro-stimulator its a Terrorist Government, Permanent Torture Device as first use.