Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.


All roads lead to Rome Elaine.

The copious evidence in this website, proving the extensively organised terrorist group or crime syndicate within our Australian State & Federal Governments, has made this website possible - the criminal actions of the female in the "undercoat pink" 1970s style shirt ELAINE SLOWMAN aka Lynette Mary Styles & her Government Terrorist Associates ... click #here to read about HOW they express their acts of TERRORISM targeting Janette expressly to PREVENT Janette from removing their illegal (1990s secretly inserted) IMPLANTS they put inside Janette's head next to her ear so they can"talk to Janette" with intent to psychologically manipulate her thoughts & memores wth obvious intent to attempt to make Janette believe she is Leanne Walters -at this link is what happened in ADELAIDE since Janette arrived in 2004 from NSW (where Janette was born) leadng up to the illegal cancellation of Janette's driving licence in April 2018, on the 40th anniversary of their decision to publish their book of lies BROTHERS IN ARMS where ELAINE swapped her visual ID as murdered child Leanne Walters, with the visual ID of JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS; then Elaine called herself Lynette so as to confuse herself with Janette who has an older sister named Lynette around same age as ELAINE; then Elaine relocated her residence to live next door to Janette's only brother (Alan in Bargo NSW) as her terrorist associates calling themselves “Peter & Rose” relocated their residence to live near Janette's other sister (Sharon in Cawdor NSW) and Janette (in The Oaks NSW); at this time Janette's older sister Lynette lived interstate in Victoria.
The terrorists inferred above were mostly employed NSW police, but not all of them obviously, they all had access to our private documents kept in Government record and had lawful influence on others in the private industries which they criminally abused and misused for their political purpose.
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Words of warning:


The PARTY FAITHFUL propaganda machine exists to spread lies & perverted half truths. If anyone has told anyone else that they “know Janette” that's bullshit.


Since about 1978 Janette has not “socialised” with any male person other than her now dead husband Mr William Robert Peters (born 05 November 1953, died 19-07-2008) and her now dead defacto Mr Owen Neil Hall (born 13 July 1964, dead 05-03-2010).


Janette has not socialised with any female person in the same period of time until I started an over 50s Meetup-up group circa 2015 that I disbanded a few months later due to police family infiltration by malicious grannies for the purpose of spreading false rumours about Janette. Its exactly what the PARTY FAITHFUL's propaganda machine do to minor groups to incite others to detest them so the Government can ride in on their white horse & rescue us from (fake) evil.


Janette is an INTJ personally, she doesn't need to socialise and really prefers not to as she doesn't like psychopaths, who are in the majority of the population.


Old bitches are just as bad as the young ones, perhaps worse as many people think old bitches are trustworthy, especially if they're employed by State Government.

Janette stopped talking to most of her family in 1988. Due to NSW police lies to the only family contact Janette maintained, Janette's only brother, stopped talking to her in about 1999 because he errantly believed (brainwashed) that Janette was a legal threat to him.


Janette has NEVER attacked anyone as the aggressor, she has only ever (child and adult) acted legally, in self defence.


This entire matter can be summed up as multiple actions of multiple persons pretending to be acting in official Government capacity, to attempt to pervert the course of justice and due administration of law, in and outside court rooms, all for a political cause: TERRORISM.


The political parties (Labor & Liberal) and their PARTY FAITHFUL supporters include non-members.


Janette has never given any facts in these matters to any news media outlet (TV or newspaper) because they all have refused outright to see any of this evidence; writing her off as a nut case.

INTJ's don't just think they're always right, they are.

I was obviously more intellectual than my birth family as I was developing from childhood, only I didn't know it. I respected my parents because that were my parents. I didn't hate them for their shortcomings because I understood that they did what they thought was right for them as parents. That my male parent practices indecently molesting his descendants proved to me in the long term that he was indeed a narcissistic psychopath and that's what he can't control. We all have the ability to walk away from any sexually enticing encounter, myself included. The ones who won't stop a bad habit don't want to stop it, that all it is. Its bullshit to say paedophiles can't help it. I grew up in an environment where I was told I was ugly, fat and stupid. I never had even one word of encouragement. When I wanted to finish the last two years of high school to go to university, my male parent refused me that right because the government said in the 1970s he had the right to control my life. Its lucky for me I was born an INTJ because I knew every bad word to me was wrong so it didn't do me any long term harm. When you look at it. When I look at it I see that my parents were no different to people who run our Governments today. They lie to us. They lie about us in their records. They block us in the court system when we stand up for ourselves. They refuse us enrolments in university in order to accept fee paying students from other countries.

They control how our life turns out, not us. What brought me to this mindset today? The other day I submitted an almost perfect application to the Federal Court under the Competition & Consumer Act 2010, Australian Consumer Law. The head Registrar of the Federal Court accepted the application but refused to allocate a return date thereby blocking my right to control my own civil lawsuit & potentially it'll never be put before a judge. Its not the first time in 2021 the Federal court has refused to allocate a return date for an original application submitted by a self representing litigant. That appears to be their “best practice” to ban self representing litigants from the court system, in direct breach of s78 of the Judiciary Act. Although s78 says “parties may appear personally” the word “may” gives the connotation that it isn't an express legal right. The parliaments have been negligent in failing to express that it is an individual's legal right to appear before a court. Political ambiguity in bills that have passed through both houses of of parliament is common. Its allowed as its beneficial to both major political parties. Our laws are passed to benefit political parties not the people. When the Constitution was passed at start of last century there were no political parties. I've sent an email asking for the return date to be allocated but they still refuse. There is no appeal process.

AUSTRALIA is not a democracy, its a dictatorship, a wolf in sheep's clothing. There is no appeal process when political cause terrorists control all three arms of government, disguised as the Liberal Party of Australia & Australian Labor Party.


In the text of the statute extract (left on desktop) section 102 of the Mental Health Act 2010 (SA), you'll see its a crime to sign involuntary detention order for someone NOT mentally ill, however answering that question is like saying how long is a piece of string. Clearly all those involved in my detention were mentally ill, deluded psychopaths in fact, as all criminals are. This is another, intentional, politically faulty law.


The part that I'm most interested in is the statement that says:

"without having examined the person"


In the two video extracts of this crime taking place (above) you'll hear this relevant content TWICE when on camera and to the camera half-baked fool that she is incapable of even being a clever criminal mind, State psychiatrist Georgina Ai-Chin Cheng say about me (Janette Gail Francis) TWO versions of admitting this vert serious crime:


'CHENG was unable to examine Janette because Janette ordered CHENG off Janette's property, therefore

CHENG detained Janette under the Mental Health Act'.


I put some text in the videos, skip that if you like.


Parliament makes sure NO person enforces this criminal penalty” section of this Act because its in their best interests to have a tool to imprison political dissidents, infidels if you like.


ALDINGA police won't charge CHENG and her fellow terrorists because Christies Beach police officers, including Don HODGE were involved in the planning of this terrorist crime, presumably its HODGE & his pig-partner seen in the video.


2014 SA Health CEO Belinda MOYES, acting like she's fresh off the boat SS North Korea wrote to me soon after her mob of terrorists illegally imprisoned & drugged me to defend her fellow terrorists at THIS LINK.


"I would like to raise with you my concerns regarding the audio

and visual footage you took of staff at your residence,

as you did not gain their consent ... staff have been notified

of their rights to report this criminal act to SAPOL."


In much the same way Australian's Christian Church system treats their paedophiles priests & ministers, our Government ministers transferred CHENG, MOYES and their happy “LSD” terrorists to other places of employment to do it all over again.

Four years later, after the change of the POLITICAL PARTY controlling my State's parliament in 2018 I got Freedom of Information Act copy of State's health records on me to discover not only had these terrorists planned my political imprisonment at least two months prior, also that they created my “mental” health record in 2006 because I'd applied for State HOUSING; and included such gems as “she's still litigious” indicating the original motive to go with the 2007 statement “she's suing politicians” therefore “she's schizophrenic & delusional” mind you this mental illness was all news to me in 2018. In reality the mental health industry is a political farce, its still; the same as it was back in 1950s they make up the rules as they go along.


Independent Commissioner Against Corruption in Adelaide SA released a report to SA parliament on the entrenched criminal activities in the SA Health system, some months after I'd been politically imprisoned in 2014 and forcibly drugged for several months under threat of further physical criminal assault from police and other narcissistic psychopaths in the Australian health industry. Staff at the commissioners office made sure that my complaint to ICAC on the matter was not put before the commissioner.


Now 2021 seven years later if you're shit at math, nothing has changed.


  • EXECUTIVE in government: police refuse to charge the proved terrorists.
  • PARLIAMENT in government: elected members refuse to amend this terrorist enabling law.
  • JUDICIARY in government: judges pretend they can't see the evidence & allow vexatious prosecutions to be heard to toss my applications out of the court in their Star Chambers.


AUSTRALIA is not a democracy, its a dictatorship.

Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Apart from "leadershit" this is what she wrote on her Linkedin profile, "cultural change" from democracy to communism.

it'll take a while for the puss to drain from that pimple won't happen over night but it will happen

One question on my mind is - If Adelaide magistrate Harrap and Adelaide lawyer Catherine Moyse were charged in Adelaide with perverting justice under State law, then why haven't State police charged Adelaide State Judge Katrina Bochner for perverting justice in my civil case in 2018 ? FRANCIS v COLE and GPAXIS PTY LTD (2019) SASC 179


Adelaide Supreme Court Judge Katrina Bochner claimed not to "see" my evidence in Affidavit of the illegal imp[lant in my head, where that evidence was funded by commonwealth Medicare who paid very expensive charges for the MRI radiology images. My case has huge political significance for both Liberal Party & Labor Party - I suspect the court hearings covered by news media was just another very expensive political charade to fool the rest of us. While we think Bob Harrap is isolated in prison he's probably off on an extended holiday overseas or in a secluded country mansion somewhere funded by Australian taxpayers; just as Christopher Skase & his Pixie were after he stole all that loot then got terminally ill & died before it went through court, sure.