Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.

Your Last Ship Has Already Sailed

The real war on terrorism or How to change a flawed statute.

Hundreds or thousands of Australians are physically experiencing serious harm by conspiracies to cause them harm, are effected by (government) public officer's direct acts or omissions., for a "political cause"; also knows as The Party Faithful.


Most like me and my family have been silenced by direct acts of (government) public officers or by Australia's politically aligned (terrorist organisation) News Media (TV, Paper, Internet) refusal to make their plight common knowledge thereby ensuring certain news worthy stories are never aired international news environment.


A cloud with a silver lining comes from Australia's sweetheart, Olivia Newton-John. However as usual the (government) public officers slow down progress despite that they are intentionally causing serious harm.

  • Updated August 16th, 2021

Husband’s Special Cannabis Blend Helped Olivia Newton-John Eliminate Opioids After Stage 4 Breast Cancer Caused Bone Fractures


So lets look at what our South Australia criminal law says in relation to withholding medical services knowing that omission or action is causing serious harm; there's similar corresponding prohibitions in NSW and other State criminal statute and in the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act, Schedule, The Criminal Code.


In theory, civilians, or we the people, or the rest of us, who has had someone die from any cancer that could have had their life prolonged by consuming cannabis, actually have a cause of action to sue the State of (NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, QLD; NT & ACT) wherever & the Commonwealth of Australia for say any "omission" to allow we the people the unhindered right to access for personal consumption, life prolonging cannabis.


Under Australian Consumer Law, access to any medicine or effective treatments is not legally able to be restricted to the wealthy or the politically aligned, through a "cartel" like the one engineered by Federal Health that forces people to consume cannabis leaf with cancer causing tobacco & low strength cannabis oil with huge percentages of coconut oil that threatens to cause heart failure.


Sue the bastards, that's how you change a flawed statute. Anyone interested in a "class action"?

Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA)



s 270A—Attempts

... a person who attempts to commit an offence (whether the offence is constituted by statute or common law) ... [common law is civil Tort Law] see below.


Part 3 – Offences against the person

Division 7—Assault



Division 7A—Causing physical or mental harm

see s21 Interpretations [dictionary]

cause, physical harm [pain & disfigurement], recklessly, serious harm.


23—Causing serious harm

(1) A person who causes serious harm to another, intending to cause serious harm, is guilty of an offence.


29—Acts endangering life or creating risk of serious harm

Where a person, without lawful excuse, does an act or makes an omission—

(a) knowing that the act or omission is likely to endanger the life of another; and

(b) intending to endanger the life of another or being recklessly indifferent as to whether the life of another is endangered, that person is guilty of an offence.


Part 3B—Offences relating to criminal organisations

Division 1—Participation in criminal organisation

s 83D—Interpretation

criminal group, criminal organisation, harm, participating, perverting the course of justice, public officer, serious harm, serious offence of violence,

s 83E—Participation in criminal organisation

(1) A person who participates in a criminal organisation—

(a) knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, it is a criminal organisation; and

(b) knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, his or her participation in that organisation contributes to the occurrence of any criminal activity, is guilty of an offence.


s 86G Unauthorised modification of computer data


s 140 Dishonest dealings with documents


s 142—Dishonest exploitation of position of advantage


s 241 Impeding investigation of offences or assisting offenders


s 243—Fabricating, altering or concealing evidence


s 251 Abuse of public office


s 256 Attempt to obstruct or pervert course of justice or due administration of law


s 267 Aiding and abetting


s 270—Punishment for certain offences

Any person convicted of any of the following common law offences, that is to say: any cheat or fraud punishable at common law, shall be liable to be imprisoned.

Any person convicted of any of the "following common law offences" that is to say, any conspiracy to cheat or defraud, or to extort money or goods, or falsely to accuse of any crime, or to obstruct, prevent, pervert or defeat the course of public justice, shall be liable to be imprisoned.


s 270A—Attempts

a person who attempts to commit an offence (whether the offence is constituted by statute or common law) shall be guilty of the offence of attempting to commit that offence.


s 270B—Assaults with intent


s 273—Judge's warrant for arrest of person charged

[Includes a person charged by Affidavit as in private prosecution.]


 Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)


s 45AA Unlawful cartel simplified: cartel provision is  (b) restricting outputs in the production and supply chain.

s 45AD cartel includes "services" note also that its "immaterial whether identities of persons can be ascertained."

s 45AF Making a contract etc. containing a cartel provision. Note that any agreement in the supply of goods or services is a contract, its not necessary for a contract to be written and signed.

 s 45AG Giving effect to a cartel provision.
 s 45AH Determining guilt.


note: its not necessary to be the person or corporation supplying the goods or services to be a party to a contract to give effect to a cartel provision to restrict supply, Therefore the Therapeutic Goods Administrators are a party to the unlawful cartel that restricts supply, or any other relative person, where a corporation is deemed a "person" under this Act and the various "Minister for Health" State & Fed, are registered as a corporation [with ASIC] not the individually elected person [Blah Blah MP] sneaky drongos. Gotta low written law.