Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.


The making of a criminal Alison Nancy Dench:

(DENCH) was a student at Campbelltown high school (CHS) when my defacto Owen Neil Hall was there, only she was older than Owen and left agter year 10, the same year Owen left in year 12.


Here's how I can to know DENCH: I had a whim to stand for local council; election despite having no interest in politics, quite the opposite I'd always been repulsed by politics and the people who flock to it. In reflection I'd say I'd been brainwashed & convinced to do it against my will. Being an INTJ I'd not made any long term friends since I left CHS ten years prior in 1972.

During the meeting at the DENCH residence I met her husband and their disabled child who makes it easy to pity DENCH. I heard DENCH plead with Owen in words to this effect, “We're despirate Owen, tell them we'll do anything, I'm sorry Jenny, because of (child name) disability we're in financial hardship we could lose the house, I'll do anything please Owen.


DENCH signed the Wollondilly Shire Council nomination form that was completed in my handwriting at her residence on about 4 August 1995, the first time I met DENCH. She started tertiary studies same year, wich used to have an enrolment closure in about August every year. By 2005 she was working with Council and by 2009 she was deputy general manager of council. In 2014 she permitted a book to be published in council library that criminally and significantly, outrageously defames me describing me in terms that are best described as the opposite of my personality, supporting an extra element that was quite clearly political Party engineered theft of my visual identity in 1989.

Despite being brainwashed I was resisting the “council” suggestion. I told Owen I didn't know anyone to “propose” me for election. Obviously I could have asked any of my neighbours who I was chummy with, but I didn't want to do it. me Owen, who kept telling me “You'll make me a millionaire by the time I'm 30” was 8 years younger than me; in retrospect he was part of the brainwashing team. Owen informed me he know someone who would co-sign the referral. I'd never met her before the day she co-signed the form. In retrospect I'd say her signature on that form was the start of her contract to pervert the course of justice to criminally harm me with a third party.

Might not appear significant to some, however a NSW council library book is loaned across the entire State of NSW. It so happened that the lawyer representing the interests of Allen & Unwin, author Lindsay Simpson and the family of Rex John Walters just happened to have a copy of that book during the 2014 case management hearing when I sued over the 1989 theft of my visual identity.


After DENCH had signed the nomination form Owen repeatedly spoke of DENCH to me in recollection of her at CHS as having the personality of a nasty snobby and spiteful bitch. Owen and myself parted company in 1996. My being in a relationship with Owen Hall caused me to go from financial security to destitution in 10 years; he stole my real estate in a series of criminal manoeuvres supported by NSW Government, which I presume was his reward as he owned nothing of value when we met in 1985 soon after I'd purchased me real estate for $45,000 that Owen purchased in 2000 for $20,000 after my unjust bankruptcy in 1999 where Owen's debt was wiped by my bankruptcy.


The above is yet another reason why I've had no friends and no personal relationships since 1996.


In Australia there's a strong tradition to never let the truth stand in the way of a really great lie.

Obvious answer to who did what is to "compare the pair" who went from destitution into wealth? and who went from wealth into destitution through no fault of their own?


Financial Destitution to Security in 10 years: the way it happens in Australia.


Below: a journal of "how to" written by

Leanne Walters, aka Elaine Slowman, aka Lynette Mary Styles


The criminal falsification of the viking pub car park police evidence, to conceal Ivan Romcek killer, has already been proved by inference as a done deed, in stark contrast to young Ivan’s terrifying ‘unarmed’ shooting death this happened quietly and automatically upon the judgment of Justice Anna Katzmann handed down on 22 September 2014, in Janette Gail Francis v Alien & Unwin, NSD 339 of 2014; legally voiding all the millions of dollars of taxpayer funded bi-partisan political lies and deceptions built up by consecutive parliaments and executive governments since 1984.


Despite the Justice Katzmann decision in Francis v Allen & Unwin [2014] FCA 1027


Australian news media didn’t run any associated local story of global significance.


Federal government, NSW government, SA government, didn’t launch any investigation into the inferred criminal cover up costing taxpayers perhaps billion dollars.


This is 100% NOT a victimless white-collar crime.

Janette has persistently reported child sex crimes by Freemasons to Freemason (Masons, Masonic) member police - that's why her visual identity was swapped for the fake Freemason created fake “innocent bystander” in the Freemason funded 1989 book “Brothers In Arms The Inside Story Of Two Bikie Gangs (one being an undercover cop)” (BIA) BIA was written by and for the Masonic Brothers in the Australian Governments, same as (in my opinion) Jack The Ripper was more than one person and they were all Freemason physicians possibly a group of homosexuals Masons with serious mother issues or to correctly 'tag' them, “monosexuals”.


On the back cover of all three (3) print version of the BIA book the Masons tagged their “token innocent bystander” as being aged “fifteen” (15) when the NSW Coroner's Office (letter below) say this entity (“innocent bystander” code name 'Leanne Walters') was given the age 14, “consistent with the stated age of 14”. This was because Janette's photo at 27 (years old) better passes off as a 15 year old than a pre-puberty 14 year old they also wanted to give her a place of employment so to be legally employed she had to be at least 15. It never was an accident that Janette's photo was swapped as the visual ID of this fake entity, its a well planned calculated crime intended to harm Janette for a political cause this time for the Liberal Party who were predominately Masons. BIA, the three paperbacks, the ebook, the TV miniseries and Bluray movie are one humongous taxpayer funded act of terrorism.


You'll see it written many times in my websites, the only reason harm has befallen Janette (me) is because she is incorruptible, the epitome of 'good' and all the 'players' (all the kings horses and all the kings men) are the personification of perfect evil. Its your classic good v evil scenario as we all know good always prevails simply because civilisation can't sustain evil in the majority. That's why our ancestors created religious texts. There is no heaven and no hell only outer space and far superior entities as far as the intelligent mind can see.


All the kings horses & all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty's bullshit story together again.


Psychologically, the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme is about what happens to your lies when they start unravelling.

Little Red Riding Hood teaches children to stay away from psychopathic people pretending to be nice, people like pedophiles, physicians, police, politicians.


People with a low intellect like (Elaine Slowman aka Lynette Styles) are unable to understand the messages in nursery rhymes and fairtales. Lynette used the association because, evidently, she thought it would make other people feel sorry for her. She was the aggressor at WSC. She was a majority councillor in league with the four other councillors she unconstitutionally caucused with as an “independent” candidate they caucused every week to decide before the meetings what they would vote on, disregarding submissions from the community. STYLES caucusing LABOR PARTY buddies on Wollondilly Council were Shane Arpel, Michael Banasik, Helen Kuiper, lawyer Marina Voncina. There were nine elected. At times mine was the only swinging vote. Janette Gail Francis (Jenny Hall)


I've never, not even once, said any mean words to Elaine Slowman also known as Clr Lynette Mary Styles. I felt sorry for both of the people she pretended to be, I'd hate to get that old and still be as bitter as she always was in my presence. I usually ignored her, I was ALWAYS pleasant when we had to communicate. I was firm with her once during a council meeting asking her to either confirm or refute accusations that had been made against her, but she refused to respond. Sat in silence smugly grinning at me like, like 'the lights are on but no-one's home' attitude. She was infuriating, but she was intentionally that way trying to goad people to hate her. I refused to take the bait. The evidence proves her book that she published 15 YEARS after we had all gone our separate ways & which the 2014 Wollondilly council executive published in the Picton library for distribution across Australia, as they did to people I was in contact with in SA, but did it secretly behind my back so I didn't discover it until 2020. Her bullshit book is part of her participation in her terrorist group. Why wait so long? Because she's a terrorist, she's a pivotal part in the 1984 terrorist act called the “Milperra Massacre” and the other 1995-1999 councillors (but not Rob Wilson) at the Wollondilly Shire Council are part of that terrorist organisation along with the present council in 2021. I don't get red in the face when I talk as I have naturally LOW blood pressure. My face only goes red when I'm embarrassed by being the centre of attention or in very hot weather as naturally I don't sweat to lose heat. I sweat now because of the permanent body fillers the 1995-1999 Wollondilly terrorist had injected all over me.

Sparrow slang (Australia) Someone or something regarded as unimportant or insignificant - evidently when Ivan was killed in his electorate just before federal election, Paul Keating MP (1984 treasurer) decided Ivan Romcek was unimportant or insignificant. I beg to differ fart-face, 1% of Ivan is worth 100% of you and each of your fellow low-life political 'Party Faithful' terrorists in this 40 year campaign of blind hate. Like I said many times, it hasn't ended the way you expected it to end, but end it has with you all exposed..


I'd published these statistics some years ago, I've decided to add them here. The reference document is the ebook version of "brothers in arms the inside story of two bikie gangs" which the two clubs know is total bullshit, I'm guessing that. The statistics prove this is a brainwashing exercise to reinforce the fake ID of the fake child "innocent bystander"


Repetitive ID reinforcement (brainwashing) in the publication see the word Leanne mentioned 175 times over 33 pages.


If Bandidos club members were given the same 'political' coverage per named members (33) as “Leanne” then “Bandido” would have been mentioned 5,775 times, they weren't, Bandidowas mentioned 275 times.


If Comancheros club members were given same 'political' coverage per named members (19) as “Leanne” then “Comanchero” would have been mentioned 3,325 times, they weren't, Comancherowas mentioned 289 times.


Give or take the occasional spastic finger counter.


All the political nay-sayers slagging the other evidence in this trashy novel can't refute these statistics.


Allen & Unwin may be a reputable now, so was Christopher Skase before his Australian victims realised they'd been fleeced for millions. When BIA was published Allen & Unwin didn't even exist, it was published by Unwin Hyman. Allen & Unwin was formed as a company about one year after the Harvey & Simpson trash novel was published. Allen & Unwin purchased part of the company assets of Unwin Hyman in Australia, which included the Harvey & Simpson trash novel which was the first book for both of these evil manipulating bare faced lying women, Lynette Styles daughter Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson.


The first phase of the ‘matter relevant’ unlawful conspiracy begun on about 2 September 1984, engineered to conceal the true identity of who killed Ivan Romcek in a southern Sydney car park on Fathers Day in 1984; (believed to be a NSW police person.) The initial cover up was effected by moving two other bodies to position them on either side of Ivan Romcek to claim the three died “side by side”. As subterfuge or a decoy intended to take public attention away from the identity of Ivan’s killer police and others fabricated evidence that a female child was killed at the same time the proverbial innocent bystander; the evidence suggests the fake dead child’s ‘body’ was in fact a medical resuscitation practice mannequin from nearby Liverpool public hospital..


The second phase of the ‘matter relevant’ unlawful conspiracy begun on the evening of 2 September 1984 this was less complex, engineered to create a minimalist identity of the fake dead child. The ‘spin doctor’ campaign was, there was an “innocent bystander” murdered by ruthless bloodthirsty bikers. To create empathy they needed a photo of a real person, using a cooperative mature woman photo when she had been a 1960s child, in walks the LYNETTE STYLES (aka Elaine Slowman) a fellow office worker of Janette's who (Janette) instantly recognised the 3 September 1984 front page photo as “looks a lot like Elaine”.

The third phase of the ‘matter relevant’ unlawful conspiracy begun on about 24 April 1988 after the suicide of a retired NSW policeman and Masonic friend of Janette’s male parent, her visual identity was chosen by a group of revenge driven Masons many then current NSW police who (along with the suicide victim’s NSW police detective mature adult son, who ‘face to face’) had blamed her for his suicide that had it roots in giving ‘character reference’ for Janette’s male parent after his 3 March 1959 crime against his baby daughter when she was 2 years and 10 months old.


The third phase inserted Janette as the replacement “innocent bystander” progressively the participants in NSW and SA actively and criminally separated her from her support groups, her medical power of attorney, her personal possessions, her land and her legal rights as an Australian citizen living in Australia. Concurrently the falsified government records to give the appearance that she had the same or similar personality to the “innocent bystander” as described in the 1989 BIA. When the “innocent bystander” substitution appeared complete by 22 January 2014, LYNETTE STYLES (aka Elaine Slowman) released her 'kangaroo court" on 1 February 2014.

BACKGROUND Multiple Historical ‘political cause’ Terrorist Conspiracy

To attempt to clarify the issues, observation evidence from an outsider’s perspective,

The Rex John Walters 'family' are :

  1. at all material times, joined as one group by their unlawful actions in common and logically knowledgeable they were part of a greater unlawful cartel or greater unincorporated terrorist organisation with one common ‘cause’ as participants in a conspiracy attempting to pervert justice and cause physical harm to applicant as part of a number of Australian Consumer Law (ACL) infringements.


The 3 September 1984 Front Page Sydney 'The Sun' female is:

  1. 2001 listed by Wollongong university completing “graduate diploma in law”;

  2. 21 January 2021 identified by law society of NSW with, “was admitted to the supreme court of New South Wales; however she does not hold a current New South Wales practising certificate”;

  3. 2014 first published author of internet ebook and paperback in Wollondilly Shire public library made available to NSW public libraries, “kangaroo court” (JOEY).

  4. 1995-1999 elected local council ‘councillor’ in Wollondilly Shire the same time Janette Gail Francis had been similarly elected, only now she's publically known as Lynette Styles, perhaps using the name "LYNETTE" in hope others will confuse her with Janette;

  5. 1984 office employee of Visyboard in Scrivener street Warwick Farm, adjoining Liverpool public hospital NSW the same time JANETTE had been similarly employed and known to JANETTE.

  6. 1984 was known to all at Visyboard Warwick Farm as Elaine Slowman secretary to the general manager (Tony Featherstone) and 1940s born mother of the persons now known as author Jennifer Cooke, author Sandra D Harvey, Lorraine Walters 1984 step mother of Leanne Walters and wife of Rex John Walters.

  7. Assumed 1984 aliases of Leanne Walters and Leanne’s mother Pamela Walters.


  •  Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), Part IV—Restrictive trade practices, Division 1—Cartel conduct, s 45AG Giving effect to a cartel provision (Offence).
  •  Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) - Schedule The Criminal Code, Division 102—Terrorist organisations, s 102.1.
  •  Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) s 43 Attempting to pervert justice.
  •  The Criminal Code, s 146.1 Definitions; harm, physical harm, serious harm; s 146.2 Causing harm.
  •  ACL 2012 s 18 Misleading or deceptive conduct, Trade Practices Act 1974 s 52 Misleading or deceptive conduct.





note: Janette knows they played these people because that's how she's encountered them from time to time, face to face. When was the "Sandra Dee" song and later the Greese movie released? Guessing STYLES also played the role of Pamela Walters at the coroner's office, who would sign their child's death notice as "P Walters" as the last document you can possibly write for your child, you'd give it your whole name from start to end. Its the little things in life that give away coldhearted liars.

The BIA 1989 code name "leanne walters, shot dead" in 1984 was:

  1. known to everyone as Jenny or Janette Francis or Janette Gail Francis;

  2. lawfully married to Whyalla SA born William Robert Peters junior for nine years;

  3. Permanently separated from Mr Peters;

  4. the mother of three primary school aged boys;

  5. in regular communication with members of her birth family;

  6. living at 20 Wilkinson street Elderslie near Camden NSW;

  7. drove yellow five seat TE holden gemini NSW  rego JGF-2??? four random digits (white/black) of no significance;

  8. worked on an office data terminal at Visyboard Warwick Farm since Sept., 1981;

  9. highest studies attained, NSW school certificate since November 1972;

  10. had same Australia tax file number since November 1972;

  11. had same full (black) driving licence number 2554TG since 29 August 1973;

  12. had no friends or associates and didn’t need any.



The BIA 1989 code name "leanne walters, shot dead" in 1989 was:

  1. known to everyone as Jenny, Janette Francis, Janette Gail Francis or Ms Hall;

  2. divorced Mr Peters, now in common law marriage with Mr Hall;

  3. the mother of four school aged boys;

  4. not speaking to male parent since he committed a crime on 24 April 1988;

  5. first mortgage residential property Lot 33, number 39 William street That Oaks;

  6. drove a blue nine seat nissan urvan NSW rego;

  7. active member of the pontiac car club of NSW;

  8. active member of the Camden NSW chamber of commerce and industry;

  9. proprietor of main street custom build/repair shop, data mouse commuters (DMC);

  10. same education, same licence, same TFN; still had no friends still don’t need any, considering the abysmal 'selection' on offer in this country, lucky me.


    Digging deeper with Dr Google we discover tt some people suspect that this rhyme tells the tale of (the hunch back) King Richard III, of England (who allegedly murdered his very young twin nephews to become king) whose horse was nicknamed ‘Wall’ when he fell off his horse during his last battle he was bludgeoned so hard by the enemies that after his death, even the pieces of his body could not be put back together. Either way it doesn't promote sympathy for the egg head.


    Where Richard III of England was also Lord of Ireland & where, in 1980s when she was 1940s born "Elaine Slowman" Lynette Styles bragged she was of Irish descent, therefore, I would have thought she knew all about the origins of humpty dumpty & Richard's tall horse named Wall. Perhaps she's not even Irish, another blow-in from the low income Midlands England on a £20 boat ticket, making up porky's to better her status.

    (iii)1988 (24 April) her baby in nappies was molested not allowed criminal charges because the sex offender had Brotherhood members who were first and second respondent supporters in government and not allowed to protect any of her minor children in any Australian court since;


    (iv)1988 (her 1 May birthday) her dog was killed by intruders as supporters of the first and second respondent in government she was not allowed criminal charges;


    (v)1988 her 14 year old child was kidnapped (29 November ) by first and second respondent supporters in government she was not allowed criminal charges for his return;


    (vi)1989 her physical identity was stolen she was not allowed to sue for damages or criminal charges;


    (vii)1991 her Torrens title real estate was stolen she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed property settlement in Federal court;


    (viii)1991 her person was assaulted and physically harmed many times she was not allowed to sue for damages and was not allowed medical services to reverse the harm and not allowed criminal charges;


    Not saying it is Anita Manning in 1984 Sydney press photo, am saying this busty 12 or 13 year old (not) 1960s hairstyled chick looks more like Anita Manning than anyone else in this cesspool of Party Faithful lies.


    (for a political cause ALP’s Mr N Lowry & Mr M Banasik)

    WSC were a party to this unlawful defamation with malice; WSC staff gave copy of Clr Hall’s official government photo owned by WSC since 1997 to the “district reporter” in 1999, Clr Hall was NOT contacted prior to publication, if she had been she would have informed the person the matter was about her own indecent assault private and not to be published under any circumstances. Under defamation law in Australia, being “the truth” is not a valid defence if you published on any matter out of context with the “potential” to cause the harmed person contempt, mockery or ridicule because they took lawful steps to stop being assaulted by a group of persons but failed to succeed in court, as opposed to secretly drugging the person physically assaulting them when they’re unconscious in a multiplicity of ways, for a political cause or vendetta.


    Clr Lynette Styles (also known as Green Valley public housing mother of 3 grown females, 1940s born Elaine Slowman at Visyboard Warwick Farm 1983/1984) was never the odd one out from the nine elected councillors; I often observed her in meetings on a weekly basis with known Labor Party supporters Shane ARPEL, Michael BANASIK, Helen KUIPER, Marina VONCINA. Booting STYLES from meetings was pre-planned subterfuge - a diversion to cover up what they were really doing to Clr Jenny Hall "behind closed doors" in secret meetings and after kidnapping Clr Hall from her car to stop her leaving, holding her prisoner at the council chamber to illegally drug and INTERROGATE (me) on my private life. Due to the them against me situation, I'd been unable to prove that outright. but now I can on the "balance of probability". Why else would I move to a shithole place like Adelaide (2004) if it wasn't on mistaken belief I'd leave this shit behind me?


    It was Clr Janette (Jenny) Hall was the only one who didn’t meet with anyone to agree ob how to vote at council meetings.

    Clr Hall resigned from the Labor Party membership when told she “had to” vote with the other Labor Party members. The have NEVER been “independent” councillors, that’s a blatant lie & "the bastards" have never been honest.


    • “The High Court has confirmed on a number of occasions that the test to be applied in Australia is whether the published matter is likely to lead the ordinary reasonable person to think less of the plaintiff … malice may be evidenced by reckless indifference and failure to make pre-publication enquiries” (defamation law specialist, Patrick George 2012 "Defamation Law in Australia" 3rd Ed)

    Andrews v John Fairfax & Sons Ltd [1980] 2 NSWLR 225 at 250 (malice); Mirror Newspapers Ltd v World Hosts Pty Ltd (1979)141 CLR 632 at 638-49 (defamation); Youssoupoff v MGM Pictures Ltd (1934)50 TLR 581-587 (defamation); Jane Doe v ABC Ltd [2007] VCC 281 (trespass on privacy).

    There is no australian democracy
     there’s only two party preferred organised terrorism

    *** Outlaw: 1. a person outside the protection of law or deprived by its benefits by outlawry. An outlaw could hold no property, could not sue in any court, and had no enforceable legal rights. Proceedings for outlawry were taken when the person was in contempt as refusing to submit to the law. 2. A person who is a member of a motorcycle gang and identifiable by the wearing of a ‘patch’ on the back of a jacket. 2015 LexisNexis, Concise Australian Dictionary, 5th Ed, Butterworths, Australia

    (ix)1996 when her legal identity was stolen she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed criminal charges;


    (x)1996 when all her personal possessions were stolen by her ex partner she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed criminal charges;

    (xi)1998 when her car was stolen by supporters of the first and second respondent in government she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed criminal charges;

    (xii)1999 when she was illegally prevented from participating in the democratic process by first and second respondent supporters in government and agents of the forth respondent, she was not allowed to sue for damages;

    (xiii)200 when her house was broken into by supporters of first and second respondent and employees of the forth respondent, she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed criminal charges;

    This has more to do with how Australian's treat defenceless people, and a lot less to do with political parties. I was one person against the pack of animals who are no better than the persons who killed Anita Cobby, or the Belanglo back packers or the Jews in Nazi Party Germany. they're the pride of Arsetrailya.


    This is how they effectively rendered JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS (WSC Cr Hall, centre with children) an outlaw*** for the Brotherhood (Labor & Liberal parties)


    (i)1971 when a minor aged fifteen years four months, she was statutory raped by intruders at an all girls gathering, local defamations claiming it was “her fault” had irreversibly harmed her reputation, she was not allowed criminal charges under threats of reprisals by same aged children of NSW police, her rapists associates of the Brotherhood have stalked her henceforth;

    (ii)1976 after she’d been paralysed by sudden blood loss due to infection and almost died after childbirth as direct result of dual NSW State and Federal negligence in provision of early medicare scheme she was not allowed to sue for damages under threats of reprisals by the first and second respondent supporters in government;

    (xiv)2004 when she was unlawfully assaulted, unlawfully arrested, unlawfully imprisoned, unlawfully charged, unlawfully sentenced she was not allowed to sue for damages and not allowed criminal charges.



    I didn't commit any crime, I didn't pose a threat to national security, all I did was report child sex crimes I'd witnessed on 24 April 1988 to every uniformed police officer and police detective working at the police station in John street Camden NSW, one by one they refused to investigate because he was a BROTHER MASON for that the bastards who call themselves protectors of justice and enforcers of law stole my life, they stole my potential, they stole my family, they walked near me following me through my life to poison the mind of everyone I had contact with destroying my reputation with baseless rubbish, so they could have a comfortable life in public office, local council, in state parliament, in federal politics, in the media and entertainment industry, that's the sort of utter SCUM who really control  Australia. 

    Above 1988: Janette 32, Daniel 12, Simon 5 mths.

    Below 1997: Janette 41.

    The permanent fillers they injected into me from head to toe (some free roaming, some in pockets) were calculated to cause me pain and discomfort, possibly even expecting me to die because of the kilos of “illegal silicone fillers” they've injected into me, its like wearing a coat every day in summer, the oil based (illegal like forever) silicone fillers won't let me cool properly. Labor & Liberal party agents planned this torture for their “Party” political or ideological cause linked back to the chronically psychopathic sadistic arsewipes in government in the 1980s and 1990s and 2000s and 2010s and 2020s, who've mocked me for complaining about being a forced host to their sadistic implants, if they're not overheating me they're sparking me or creating the sensation of crawling on the spot or the sensation of being stabbed or the sensation of slowing piercing deeper into my skin or microwave burning my skin leaving dark spots and divots and drying it out so that it cracks like silicone skin. There is no word to aptly describe the “calculated” sadism of these “active and willing” participants in century government approved activities that were premeditated to cause me physical harm for “their Party” or themselves personally, William Kingsley Loftus ,  Weatherill (Sapol),  Vicka Poudyal,  Unincorporated Org,  Trang Minh Luu,  Trang Luu,  Sonnie Wah Onn Fong,  Shane Andrew Goodyear,  Sara Louise Kent,  Sandra D Harvey,  Saman Setayesh,  Roger Simpson (Bia),  Rick Maier (Bia),  Richard Thomas Telfer,  Rex John Walters,  Peter Andrikidis (Bia),  Paul Shildarien-Henley Alias Alexander Paul Alias Paul Henley,  Paul Charles Varley,  Noel Lawry (Wsc),  Nick Hadjisavva,  Neville Lister Minnis,  Mrs Shane Andrew Goodyear,  Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed (Wsc),  Michael Radford Sage,  Michael John Nance,  Michael Banasik,  Lynette Mary Styles Alias Elaine Slowman (Bia),  Luveen Bissonauth,  Louisa Kors (Bia),  Lindsay Jane Simpson (Bia),  Lee Abrahams Alias Liliane Lowry (Wsc),  Kieron Joseph Thomson,  Josephine Martino (Bia),  John Strachan,  John David Hill,  Jim Dimitrios Kosmas,  Jee Ken Mah (Cbmc),  Jean Philips,  Jay Weatherill,  Janette Anne Moir,  Jacob Alexander,  Isobel Stephina Botha,  Harshita Pant,  Gregory Thomas Robertson,  Greg Haddrick (Bia),  Glenn Peter Schlaphoff,  Georgina Ai Chin Cheng,  Gavin Anthony Nimon,  Ernest Wilfred Saunderson,  Elizabeth Rachael Tavell Coventry,  Des Monaghan (Bia),  Claudio Coscia,  Christina Elizabeth Lawry,  Celia Emmeline Tildesley,  Cathy Macdonald,  Barry Simon Dowell,  Arthur Loukas,  Antony Andrew Morphett,  Annette Jones.,  Ann Catherine Anderson,  Angelos Giannakoureas,  Andrew Robert Champion,  Andrea Kuhn,  Allan Robert Nelson,  Alison Bee (Sapol),  Alison Barbara Jane Cole,  Alan Baird (Cessnock Nsw & Noarlunga Sa).


    Australia is governed by extremist terrorists. Bullies always work in packs, like wild dogs, they steal the liberty of non-violent others to promote themselves and their political cause as good when its the opposite. Historically bullies present in many forms, they've been Dutch stealing the nutmeg & cloves trade from Indonesia, and they steal land in Australia. Government supported immigrants stole land from this non aboriginal native Australians in 1991 for their Liberal Party and/or Labor Party political cause. In 2019 they block applications to the South Australia State Supreme Court on these issues, and in 2022 they block applications to the federal court to resolve these issues.

    Psychopaths in media & political systems